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innovaphone supports use of 3rd party Products connected to the innovaphone PBX.

Used connectivity mechanisms may be e.g. SIP, SOAP, TAPI, tbc and depend on both the 3rd-pty-product and the innovaphone device/application.

The 3rd-party-product-vendor or any appropriate partner are exclusively responsible for

  • creation of any testplan
  • definition of detailed teststeps
  • regression testing upon new firmware releases
  • up-to-date documentation of test results

Test results and other informational data concerning the 3rd-pty-product have to be put into the innovaphone wiki according to following standardized format.

Creation of a 3rd-party-product article

  • Login to innovaphone wiki
  • Open this instruction in the first browser tab
  • Open the following URL in a second window
  • Replace the terms "productname" and "companyname" by your data.
  • Confirm your input by pressing Enter
  • A new empty wiki page titled with the given URL is generated and opened in editor mode
  • Copy the text content from the box below and paste it completely into the empty wiki-page

<!-- replace CompanyLogo by real logo-name. Do not change size & alignment. Upload image by pressing red link -->

==Product Name==
<!-- Mandatory topic. -->
<!-- replace CompanyName & ProductName by real names and add URL to productpage -->
CompanyName [ ProductName]

==Certification Status==
<!-- do not remove comment. Will be done by innovaphone upon document check -->
<!-- {{Template:Compat_Status_referral_product_new}} -->
<!-- Testing of this product has been finalized 29th February, 2020. -->

<!-- Do not change this section and do not remove comments. Will be done by innovaphone upon document check -->
<!-- {{Category:3rdParty product categorie to be filled by innovaphone}} -->
<!-- [[Category:Referral Product|{{PAGENAME}}]] -->
<!-- [[Category:3rdParty product categorie to be filled by innovaphone|{{PAGENAME}}]] -->

<!-- Mandatory topic. -->
<!-- Give some introducting words about the vendor itself -->
<!-- Place optional company logo. Don't change logo size. -->

<!-- Mandatory topic. -->
<!-- Give description about the product, benefits, other information to mention to understand main product purpose -->
<!-- place optional product logo or functional overwiew. -->

<!-- Some formattings WikiMedia supports:
'''xxx''' fat text
* - list item

<!-- [[Image:ProductLogo.png]] -->

<!-- some text -->

<!--'''Benefits at a glance:'''-->

* Bullet-point
* Bullet-point
* Bullet-point

<!-- Mandatory topic. --> 
<!-- Give functional description about the product. Use formattings if needed -->

==Use Cases==
<!-- Optional topic. Delete item if not needed -->

<!-- Mandatory topic. -->
<!-- Give used versions for testing of both innovaphone and 3rd-pty product -->
<!-- If not present or outdated innovaphone FW is used, no certificate will be given at all -->

Product versions used for interop testing:
<!-- replace 3rd-Pty-Product by real name -->
* 3rd-Pty-Product Version
<!-- adjust used innovaphone FW, if applied add further applications (e.g. TAPI & Versions) -->
* innovaphone V12r2sr24

<!-- Mandatory topic. --> 
<!-- Describe configuration steps to be done for both innovaphone and 3rd-pty product -->
<!-- If not present, no certificate will be given at all -->
<!-- you may either list the config steps by adding text & pictures, or provide the URL to a PDF-formatted config document. Ideally the document is hosted by the 3rd-party-supplier itself -->
<!-- in any case you must be aware of the fact that any questions concerning configuration issues will be directly forwarded by innovaphone to you as manufacturer -->

<!-- Optional topic. --> 
<!-- Anything to mention which does not fit to above topics. To be deleted if not needed -->

<!-- Mandatory topic. --> 
<!-- Give contact details for potential interests. You may give personal or general contact data. -->

| CompanyName
| ContactName
| Street
| ZIP City Country
| Tel: 
| Fax:
| Mail: [mailto:contactname@companyname contactname@companyname]

  • Start editing according to the comments given
  • DON'T forget to SAVE!
  • Upload appropriate files/images indicated by a red link
  • Inform your innovaphone contact when finished
  • innovaphone will set the correct product category and grant referral status upon successful document check
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