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Product name

GN Netcom Headsets / Jabra Headsets



Headset, corded or cordless, mono or duo, standard-noise cancelling and ultra noise cancelling microphone.


With the whole accessory program you are able to build your own individual GN Netcom headset. Think about the 3-in-1 design of the GN 2100 which you can change any time for the best comfort. You can choose from a large range of models. There is the GN 2100 with the fixed boom, flex-boom or the new micro-boom. Choose from different earpads or different colored clips for building up teams in Call Centers or compartments.

Competitive Analysis

  • Excellent Noise Cancelling
  • Acoustic Shock Protection
  • ultra light weight
  • Monoversions: 3 Wearing styles included

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For more information, please contact the vendor directly.

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