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Innovaphone PBXs can be set up for redundancy. Here is how the licensing works in this scenario.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • PBX, all innovaphone PBX platforms, V6 firmware (has changed with V7, see this article)
  • IP1200 (non pbx)

More Information

Problem Details

When a PBX platform is set up for redundancy, the redundant (i.e. duplicate) platform needs to be licensed according to the potential use when redundancy is active.

That is, all features required in this situation have to be licensed properly. The only exception to this are the PBX Registration licenses. Conceptually, these licenses are replicated from the PBX master to the PBX standby and are available for redundancy. All other licenses must be installed on the redundant platform upfront.

Licenses are bound to specific hardware, so the licenses from the master cannot be installed on the standby.

Please note that all of the licenses (except the PBX licenses) in fact can be used on the redundant platform even if the redundancy is not active. For example, it is common practice to use the standby’s ISDN interface during normal operation.


Having a IP1200 Dect Standby ,there is no need for additional Licence (in single or multicell environment)

The SysARI is written to the sysobject as soon the Master is up and then this information is also stored in the Standby IP1200

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