Howto:Deploy A Custom Personal Announcement For the innovaphone Voicemail

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innovaphone PBX, V6

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Problem Details

Users that are obligated to corporate identity announcements for their voicebox may wish to deploy an externally produced personal announcement file.

The innovaphone voicemail provides a menu option to personally record a personal announcement by mouth (option '3' + '2' from the main menu).

Alternatively, it is possible to deploy an externally produced announcement into a user's directory. This article explains how to do this.

System Requirements

An installed innovaphone Voicemail.


Place your announcement file into a user's subdirectory as personal/personal_greeting.g711a. As soon as the file personal_greeting.g711a is present it'll be played, followed by a beep, the next time the answering machine mode is being entered.

If you're looking forward on information of how to create g.711a-files you might look into the article How to convert wave files in to G7xx coder files for the HTTP interface, subsection V6 SR1 note. That article explains how to convert from 16bit,8khz,mono wave-files.

Known Problems

G729, exclusive

If your system requires a g729 exclusive configuration, you have to adapt the vm.xml file. The personal greetings files are stored as g711a file. If you want to store the files as g729 you have to change the .g711a ending to a .g729 ending. Furthermore the correct file ending has to be read as well, so you have to adapt those parts of the script too.

Keep in mind that g711a is required for email notification with attached voicemail file.

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