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A broadcast conference object uses a local or remote conferencing resource (e.g. a CONF interface) to implement an automatic multi-party conference. When the object is called, calls to all members of the groups the broadcast conference object is an active member itself are initiated. These calls then all participate in a single conference.

This object is built-in to the PBX and thus does not need a registration to work. It will run on the PBX that is set in the PBX field.

External Conference Resource Name

If the conference resource local to the broadcast conference object shall be used, you can leave this field empty. Otherwise, you must configure the object Name of an existing resource. When a called conference member picks up the call, it gets transferred to this object. This object will usually be either a conference resource on another innovaphone PBX or a 3rd party conferencing unit.

The call sent to the conferencing ressource will have a called party number that consists of the Conference Id Prefix + Conference Id + Conference Id Suffix. There will be no calling party number.

Create Dynamic Conference Id

Each individual conference running on a conferencing resource (a.k.a. conference room) needs a distinct conference-id. If this check box is ticked, conference ids will be created dynamically for new conferences. Please note that a single broadcast conference object never uses more than one conference object at a time.

Conference Id

If no Create Dynamic Conference Id is not checked, then you need to specify the conference id to be used here.

3rd Party Conferencing Unit

If checked conference id prefix and suffix can be edited. Leave unchecked for the innovaphone CONF interface.

Conference Id Prefix

See above. Leave empty for the innovaphone CONF interface.

Conference Id Suffix

See above. Leave '#' for the innovaphone CONF interface.

Alert Timeout

The broadcast conference object will call members and wait Alert Timeout seconds for the user to pick up the call.

Connecting Mode
  • Direct after calling
  • With the first response
  • When all users have answered
  • When all users have answered, or at least one and after timeout
Alert only at conference begin

If checked and at least one user is connected to the conference other unconnected users aren't alerted again.

Allow Call only Group Members

If this check box is not ticked, anyone can initiate the conference by calling the broadcast conference object. If is ticked, only group members can.

Allow Announcement Call

If checked users are allowed to call as an announcement call through the conference. If the caller disconnects all other announcement calls to the group members are automatically disconnected too.

Call always as Announcement Call

If checked the conference call is always an announcement call to the group members. If the caller disconnects all other announcement calls to the group members are automatically disconnected too.

  • note* Only IP6000, IP800 and IP305 support local conferencing, one DSP is in use for each user in a conference call.
  • note* Some early IP6000 do not support this feature. Refer to the upgrade details if you consider upgrading your hardware.

Please refer to Administration/Gateway/Interfaces if no Broadcast Conference is required.

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