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innovaphone devices will send data to external HTTP servers in various situations. This article describes these situations and the request formats used.


Log Messages



When Method External(GET) is selected, the HTTP server will receive a GET request with the following form data parameters (a.k.a. query args):

Parameter Example Description
event syslog The event parameter will always have the value syslog. This allows the receiving script to distinguish it from CDR data.
time 1214319593 The time the log messages was created. Coded as number of seconds since January 1st, 1970. If time is 0, the internal clock has not (yet) been set.
date 20080624-145953 The same value as time, except that is is coded in a human readable format.
msg LOG_HTTP 3 TCP-Up The message itself

If the receiving HTTP server is running a scripting engine such as PHP, the individual fields will be received as request query parameters. In PHP they can be accessed via $_GET:

_GET: Array
   [event] => syslog
   [time] => 0
   [date] => 19700101-000000
   [from] => IP24-1d-00-8d
   [msg] => LDIR_SOCK 4 TCP-Out  


When Method External(POST) is selected, the HTTP server will receive a POST request. The request body (i.e. the post data) is not coded as a form-data. Instead, the



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