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3rd party input
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Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone PBX, V6 SR1 and later
  • innovaphone Voicemail
  • innovaphone phones, including softphone and bria softphone

More Information

This article explains how a simple caller notification could be set up by using a modified voicemail script. The Calling Party will get a simple notification without the possibility to leave a message. The most popular example is a caller notification, that he is calling beyond working hours.

System Requirements

  • Running innovaphone PBX V6 SR1 and later
  • Installed compact flash card or external WebServer with webdav funtionatilty
  • Running innovaphone Voicemail


  • Create a new folder called notify on the CF card
  • Copy files from the download page to this new folder named notify
  • Configure a VM object which points to the modified vm.xml script (for example
  • Calling the VM object will allow you to record the notification - this will be saved as announcement.g711a
  • A call diverted to the VM object will play the announcement and quit the call

Known Problems

A simple call to the VM object can delete/overwrite the announcement. To provide this, you may delete the extension number after recording and make the call divertion depending on the NAME of the VM object.


  • Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.
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