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innovaphone provides a CTI Test PBX. This system allows partners to do a quick test of their CTI software easily without the need to set up their own system.



The CTI Test PBX is available at

To view the PBX administration user interface, use the viewer account

User: viewer
Password: viewer

To access SOAP, use the _TAPI_ user

User: _TAPI_
Password: soap

Here is how your TAPI configuration should look like:


To look at the PBX's administration user interface, open in your browser and use viewer as both user name and password when you are asked for:


You can verify your SOAP connection using the SOAP status page on the PBX. Click on Administration / PBX / SOAP and you will see all current SOAP connections:


Available Users / Lines

The following users are available for CTI:

User Short Name Extension Device Remark
CTI10 cti10 10 cti10 no registration
IP200A-10-06-bb phone registered
CTI20 cti20 20 cti20 no registration
IP200A-10-2e-2e phone registered
CTI30 cti30 30 cti30 no registration
IP200A-10-38-51 phone registered
Always-Busy Always-Busy 90 cti10 no CTI-capable device. This user will reject all incoming calls with a user busy cause code
Amt amt 0 amt simulated trunk line. Access number +49 7031 73009

Here is the corresponding PBX user list:


With a V8 TSP with Map PBX Devices to Lines enabled, your choice of available TAPI lines looks like this:


With a V7 TSP or with a V8 TSP with Map PBX Devices to Lines disabled, your choice of available TAPI lines looks like this:



The PBX currently runs V8.00 hotfix5 but will be update to the then-current version once in a while. Please note that although this is a version 8 firmware you can run wsdl501, wsdl700 and wsdl800 based SOAP applications against it (that is, V5, V7 or V8 TSP).

Using the Trunk Line

You can simulate external calls by having one of your lines call out to the trunk line and back into the system. E.g. dialing 0070317300920 will call out to the trunk and then back in to the system to exension 20. It is in fact not possible to call destinations not within this PBX, all other numbers will result in an unallocated number cause code.

Monitoring CTI Scenarions

There are 2 places which are useful to see what is going on.

A) The PBX calls screen. Click on Administration / PBX / Calls to see a real time view of current calls:


B) A more precise picture can be obtained using the log screen. Click on Administration / Diagnostic / Logging to get to the log screen. The click on syslog to see a listing of all call events in your test scenario:


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