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This area shows the current state of all user registrations configured at the phone.

  • ID: Local numeric registration ID
  • State
    • up: User registration was successful.
    • timeout: User registration failed because the time limit for the registration procedure was exceeded.
    • rejected: User registration was rejected.
    • unauthorized: User registration failed because of missing or incorrect password.
  • Number: Phone number of the user (configured or/and assigned at registration time)
  • Name: Name of the user (configured or/and assigned at registration time)
  • Gatekeeper Address: Gatekeeper IP address (configured or assigned by gatekeeper detection)
  • Gatekeeper Identifier: Gatekeeper identifier (configured or/and returned at registration time)
  • Gatekeeper Instance: ``primary´´ if the user is currently registered at the primary gatekeeper, ``secondary´´ if the user is registered at an alternate gatekeeper (since V6 SR2)
  • Protocol: VoIP protocol H.323 or SIP
  • Active: This button marks the currently ``active´´ user registration at the phone and permits to make another registration the ``active´´ one.
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