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Dialer-X for Symbian S60 enables a user friendly access to the functions of the Mobility Object and PBX DTMF-Features from mobile phones.

Current test state

This product is being tested right now. The test is not yet completed.


Product name:



Killer Mobile Software


3.4.2 for Symbian S60


Nokia E65 (3.0633.69.00 / 06-02-2008 / RM-208), S60 3rd Edition (initial release) (OS: Symbian OS v9.1)

innovaphone Firmware:

 V9 Build 90461

Configured Scenario

The client test based on a simple configuration scenario with flat numbering plan and single dial-in trunk. The Mobility Object and DTMF-Features are accessible via PBX prefix.

Test Result

Call Methods

  • Always - the client intercepts outgoing calls, followed by 2-stage-dialling via Mobility Object on the PBX.
  • When Roaming - same as Always, but only active if the mobile phone is in the roaming mode.
  • Prompt - the Software will ask "Route the call via PBX? Yes/No" before every call.
  • Never - place calls via GSM network as usual.

Call Through (2-stage-dialling via Mobility Object)

Numbers can be dialled via the native Symbian mobile phone application by dialling a number, select a number from phone book or call list. The Call will be intercepted by Dialer-X and terminated. Then a call to Access Number (Mobility Object) will be established, followed by the original number dialled via DTMF.

For internal calls you have to dial only the extension without the main number, otherwise the call won´t be successful.

The client can not be used in installations with short internal extension numbers.

  • 1 - 9 (reserved for quick-dial-numbers)
  • 20 - 100 (reserved for Provider and Symbian)

Calls from PBX Users to Client

Incoming calls are not handled by the client, therefore calls from internal extensions are not recognized as such.

DTMF Features

In-Call DTMF Features like Hold/Retrieve, Transfer etc. are implemented as a List of FEatures that appears after the Call Setup.

Off-call DTMF Features like Enable/Disable Mobility, Set Presence or Call Forward are not implemented in this software.

Call Service List (DTMF Features)Result
Disconnect Active Callyes
Swap held and active callsyes
Reject Waitingyes
Consultation Callyes

Include/Exclude List

  • Include List - Only the phone numbers or patterns defined in this list, are dialled via Call Through. If empty, all numbers dialled via Call Through.
  • Exclude List - The phone numbers or patterns defined in this list are always dialled directly.

Patterns may be defined as wild card numbers like +491234* or by the length of the phone number(shorter or longer than x).


We installed the Dialer-X on a Nokia E65 via Nokia PC Suite. Under Install Application you have to select the .sis file and upload on the mobile phone. After that follow the steps on phone screen for finishing installation.


PBX Settings

External Trunk Number0049703173009
Internal Trunk Access Number0
PBX Prefix2200
Mobility Object2200.69

Product Settings

  • Cards->Options->Add Card->Advanced Card setup options
    • Card Name: PBX
    • Activate: Always
    • Mode: CallThru
    • Mode Settings->CallThru Settings
      • Access Numbers
      • Options->Add
      • Enter Phone Number of the Mobility Object in international format (e.g. +49 7031 73009 2200 69)
    • Routing Rules
      • Options->Exclude->Pattern
      • Enter the Common Prefix of the Mobility DTMF Features in international format (e.g. +49 7031 73009 2200 6). This allows to call DTMF Features directly, whithout Call Through via Mobility Object.
    • Dialled Num. Conversion
      • Options->Add
      • Enter: Convert from +49 to 0. This will reduce the length of the numbers dialled via DTMF. The setting is optional, if "+ Handling" configured (see below).
    • Pin: empty
    • + Handling
      • Enter 00. This will replace + by 00 in the dialled numbers. Optional if "Dialled Num. Conversion" is used to replace +.
    • DTMF Delay:
      • Depends on your GSM carrier, no DTMF Delay (0) worked fine for Vodafone Germany.
    • Ending Char: empty
    • Prompt:
      • If enabled, the Software will ask "Route the call via PBX? Yes/No" before every call.
    • Force DTMF Delay: empty
  • DTMF(assumed the default R-Key Setting on the Mobility Object is **)
    • Options->Add DTMF
    • R-Key -> **
    • Disc. Active -> **1
    • Hold/Retrieve -> **2
    • Transfer -> **4
    • Reject Waiting -> **0
    • Switch -> **<own-extension>**4 (moves the active call to own extension, e.g. to IP-Phone)
    • Consult. Call -> **#

With this configuration the user have to dial trunk line prefix, while calling external numbers. As workaround define an additional Card with Routing Rule Include Pattern for numbers longer than e.g. 6 digits and define PIN 0 at this card(PIN is always dialled before the original called number).

DTMF Features

Off-call DTMF Features like Enable/Disable Mobility, Set Presence or Call Forward are not implemented in this software.

However it is possible to use native Contacts Application and Speed Dial Keys of the Nokia Phone to implement an easy access to the PBX Features.

Setting up the DTMF Features

  • Add for every DTMF Feature an entry in the Contacts of the mobile phone (e.g. "Mobility ON" +49 7031 73009 2200 628).
  • Optionally link Short Dial Key to this Contacts entry to be able to Enable Mobility be pressing long this key.

CallBack Settings - Not Configured, since not implemented in the PBX!

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