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All registered/unregistered DECT base stations are displayed row by row here. A row contains the following information: Name RFPI IP Address Sync Region Device Name Version Connected Time:

  • Name: <Device type> + <NetBIOS name> for example, IP1202-a1-a2-a3 (the last three digits of the MAC address of the DECT device).
  • RFPI: The Radio Fixed Part ID of the DECT radio.
  • IP Address: The IP address of the DECT radio. If a configured DECT radio is not accessible, the "Del" link is displayed instead of the IP address and can be used to delete the DECT radio from the list.
  • Sync: If the DECT device in question is the DECT master, the character string Master is output. If the DECT device in question is a DECT radio, the number of the radio ID by which the DECT radio has synchronised is output. It is output in green if the DECT device has already successfully synchronised.
  • Region: The DECT sync region ID the radio belongs to.
  • Product: Displays the name of the respective DECT device, in so far as it was configured in the Device Name entry field as described in chapter "Configuration/General/Admin". If no product name (Device Name) was configured, the standard name of the device is used (for example, innovaphone IP1202).
  • Version: Displays the current firmware version of the respective DECT device.
  • Connected Time: Displays the connected time of the respective DECT device in the format days hours minutes seconds.
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