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Applies To

This information applies to

  • All Innovaphone devices with PBX functionality
  • V9 HF12 and up


This is an example for a fallback scenario with an ACD Server, which is registered at a Gateway with the extension 9. Normally you call the 9222 to reach someone in the sales department. The ACD Server usually alarms the appropriate sales person. In case the connection to the ACD Server is lost the CFNR takes effect and routes the call to a waiting queue. To intelligently forward the call, the PBX uses the extension 222 and the PBX appends this extension to the CFNR Number. In this case the CFNR number is 8 and the call is transferred to the sales waiting queue (8222).



The configuration is simple. You just have to create a CFNR at the object that might fail and a matching extension that receives the call in a fallback case.

The appending of a number works with a Trunk Line, User object or Call Broadcast object as well.

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