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Applies To

This information applies to:

  • All PBX devices
  • All DECT devices
  • Linux Application Platform

Migration Policy

Configuration Changes

Hardware Restrictions

For a list of devices with no/restricted support in 11r2, see the Firmware Upgrade article.

Linux Application Platform and its applications

Known Problems

Memory Considerations

New firmware always has more features which in turn requires more resources. Growing firmware will thus consume both more flash and RAM for sure. A given system configuration will run flawlessly after a firmware largely only if there is still enough memory left after boot. As a rough rule of thumb, a v11r2 release will consume 1.2MB RAM and 0.6MB flash more compared to a v10 firmware.

Standard configurations which are according to spec will run on all supported hardware. However, unusual configurations may not. It is a good idea to examine both flash and RAM memory left on high load situations in your existing configuration to see if there is enough resources left for an upgrade. Please find details in Reference:Device Health Check.

Special care has to be taken for old devices with less memory than suggested by current specs. Most notably, these are the older IP30x models (hardware build 306 or less, which had 16MB RAM as opposed to 32MB in the current models). We do not recommend to upgrade such old hardware to a current firmware version unless it has been determined that the configuration in question will work.

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