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Product name

AlwinPro Care - Billing Entertainment Services in Health Care Sector

AlwinPro Care is the flexible and economical solution for billing the patients‘ entertainment in hospitals and healthcare establishments. With a simple, intuitive interface entering the patient into AlwinPro Care becomes a minor matter. Whether directly connected with the hospital information system (HIS) or controlled with the chip card: Mistakes are avoided and precious work time is conserved when using AlwinPro Care. AlwinPro Care is using the innovaphone SOAP Interface to enable Check-In/Check-Out:

  • changing class of Services
  • Name Resolution
  • virtual extensions (call routing).

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Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized September, 2015.

Testing was done using the product versions mentioned below. Feature descriptions above may be part of later product versions.


Call Accounting, Call Billing, Call Management Systems

Healthcare solutions


  • Call Billing
  • Call Management
  • PIN code solution for private calls
  • Call Analytics
  • PBX Middleware
  • FIAS Interface
  • Check-In, Check-Out
  • Wake-Up Calls
  • Room Status Codes


  • innovaphone PBX v9 HF 23:

AlwinPro Care Release 8.1 or later

  • innovaphone PBX v11:

AlwinPro Care Release 8.4.01 Hf4 or later

  • innovaphone PBX v12:

AlwinPro Care Release 9.3.06 or later



Aurenz software & consulting


AlwinPro Care - Billing Entertainment Services in Health Care Sector

AlwinPro Care is the reasonably priced solution for invoicing telephone, Internet and TV in the health care sector:

  • Collection of data from the telephone systems
  • Check-In/Check-Out (innovaphone SOAP Interface)
  • Changing the Class of Services (innovaphone SOAP Interface)
  • Patient Name Resolution (innovaphone SOAP Interface)
  • Virtual Extensions, Call Routing (innovaphone SOAP Interface)
  • Billing phone calls,
  • Charging daily costs for phones, Internet Access and TV Services
  • Enabling Internet guest accounts (Radius)
  • Invoicing
  • Pre-Paid or Post-Paid invoicing
  • Automatic import of patient data from the hospital information system (HIS)
  • or directly via the patient's insurance Card (chipcard reader)
  • Customer-specific encrypted database
  • Accounting journal/Cash report
  • Compliance with the legal data privacy protection specifications, especially for data storage section 113a paragraph 2 of the German Telecommunications Act (§ 113a Abs. 2 TKG)
  • Relieve IT department and administration
  • Identification of patiants via the chip card or bar code
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Account balance announcement
  • Telephone number transfer done by patient
  • Pay machine support
  • Complete scope of benefits of AlwinPro, the Controlling Software

Competitive Analysis

Alwin Pro Care

AlwinPro Care is the reasonably priced solution for invoicing telephone, Internet and TV in the health care and hotel sector.

Simplify Processes

Patient data is automatically imported via AlwinPro Care using the hospital information system (HIS) or the insurance card. The identification via bar code or chip card saves time and helps to avoid mistakes. If the patient is moved, AlwinPro Care locks the extension automatically and this also unburdens the IT department.

Independent Invoicing

"Check out" works just as easily. With a click the Patient receives a complete invoice. The invoice is settled either at the end of the stay or via the prepaid function. With this option a prepaid credit is used up over time. For tracking purposes, all receipts and invoices are archived in the system. It is also possible to export the invoices back to the HIS or the PMS.

Adapting instead of Limiting

AlwinPro Care can be smoothly integrated into your ICT environment and is individually configurable. Internal rates can be saved as well as instruction manuals. All forms and receipts are freely configurable and can be adapted to include your design.


This solution has been tested by the vendor.

Configuration description DE

Configuration description EN


The license price depends on the amount of extensions that are involved and the product configuration. Please contact aurenz for a specific price offer.


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