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V10 News




The most important V10 features are listed in this book. For detailed information on these features, there are links to further topics of this advanced training plus references to our wiki.

With V10 there are plenty of new features and products. The main highlights are:

  • UC client myPBX-V10

  • Video telephony solution

  • Presence functionality with

    • Microsoft Office integration

    • Microsoft Exchange calendar integration

  • Fax-server solution

  • Voice Recorder
  • UC-oriented license bundle

and of course much more PBX functionalities & features.

New Software Products

New software products


The fish-help.png myPBX client was heavily improved from version9 to version10 in both form and functionality.

Details about configuration, features and usage are given in the myPBX book - here an excerpt of the newly added features:

  • Improved usability, new look and single-window design
  • More intuitive LDAP search (arbitrary search string input, results from different sources are merged)
  • Possibility to display additional information from the directory in the LDAP search
  • Support for LDAPS (LDAP over TLS)
  • Improved instant messaging (subject, list of participants, messages are received before the chat is accepted, window can be closed and opened again without terminating the session)
  • Simplified call diversion configuration (synchronized with the favourite call diversions on the phone)
  • Simplified visibility settings
  • Do not disturb (new presence activity, chats are rejected if DND is set)
  • Pickup calls from favourites.
  • Unpark calls from favourites.
  • Unlimited length of call list (using a paging mechanism).
  • Configure language in launcher
  • Translated launcher user interface
  • Auto appear off-line, after an idle time-out that can be configured in the launcher
  • MSI-parameters for deployment of the launcher
  • Launcher can dock to the left or right screen border
  • Launcher can write trace files for debugging purposes and support
  • Audio conferencing from the chat window has been removed
  • Desktop notifications and notification sounds for calls and instant messaging. Accept and reject calls directly from the notification window.
  • Visibility requests using desktop notifications
  • Configure mobility

Video telephony as part of myPBX

The fish-help.png innovaphone video telephony feature is provided by the myPBX laucher and new video-capable V10-firmware for phones.

It requires Windows 7 or Windows 8 as operating system and provides the following functionalities:

  • 3-party video conference
  • Webcam selection if multiple webcams are present
  • Webcam preview of the selected webcam
  • Webcam menu to control settings like brightness or contrast. Adjustable at webcam preview or even during the video call.
  • Webcam is configured to deliver 352x288 or 320x240 resolutions and the maximum frame rate available (usually 30 fps)
  • H264 encoder configured to deliver an average rate of 250 kbps.
  • H264 video stream compatible with other vendors like LifeSize or Polycom.

Microsoft Office 2010/2013 integration as part of myPBX

The fish-help.png myPBX Office2010 Integration allows to retrieve the presence of an innovaphone PBX-user inside a Microsoft Office 2010 application. Most often this will be used inside Outlook.

  • Presence visibility inside a MS-Office application
  • Start of a chat through a MS-Office application
  • Start of a call through a MS-Office application
  • feature require the myPBX-launcher and MS-Office (version 2010 onwards)

Exchange Calendar Connector

The fish-help.png Exchange Calendar Connector is an application for the innovaphone Linux Application Platform, which delivers presence information from Microsoft Exchange Calendar to the innovaphone PBX and its users.

  • Presence is set to busy during calendar appointments
  • The appointment subject is provided as presence note
  • later appointments of the same day are indicated as presence note, if presence is 'available'
  • feature supported for MS-Exchange version 2010 onwards

Fax Server Application

The fish-help.png innovaphone Faxserver is the latest application for the innovaphone Linux Application Platform providing embedded fax services for the innovaphone PBX.

Details about configuration, features and usage will be given in a future book - here an excerpt of the newly added features:

  • email-to-fax and fax-to-email gateway
  • Each PBX user has an own personal fax number
  • The application polls an external mailbox for arriving emails which are converted to a fax document and sent by an innovaphone FAX interface.
  • The recipient's fax number is taken from the email address and defined as fax number@fax server domain.
  • Content in the email can be plain text, HTML, PDF files and all other file formats which can be converted by OpenOffice to a PDF file.
  • A cover page is automatically added, if the email contains a subject or a HTML or plain text content.
  • If the fax is successfully sent, the sender gets a confirmation email with the converted document in the PDF format.
  • Incoming fax documents are converted to a PDF file and forwarded to the email address of the PBX user name@user domain.

Until we publish an own topic for the fax-server-application, you may help yourself with a fish-help.png Quick-InstallationGuide in our wiki.

Voice Recorder

The fish-help.png innovaphone Voice Recorder is an recording application, which an fish-help.png innovaphone Player for comfortable search and playback of phone calls.
  • Recording of any type of calls direction
  • Recording of calls from any device: IP-Phones (innovaphone and 3rt Party), analogue phones, GSM (mobility), IP-Dect phones.
  • Recording of calls from/to legacy PBX (smooth migration)
  • Recording can be done in a logical gateway or direct from a innovaphone phone set
  • Recording of encrypted calls
In any case we want to refer to the fish-help.png innovaphone Voice Recorder article for further information.

New Hardware Products

New hardware products


The new Media Gateway link_intern.png IP810 was already announced for sale earlier but we'll mention it here as it's the only "new" HW being released between V9 and V10.

It hosts 5 ISDN-BRI interfaces and 20 DSPs. As this are 10 more as needed for the ISDN-interfaces, it offers the possibility to use the remaining ones for a conferencing service.

The IP810 owns a dual CPU processor (in fact all xx10 gateways do).

The second CPU is dedicated to host the innovaphone Linux Application Platform for applications like Reporting, FaxServer, Calendar -Integration or even 3rd party applications.

By the way: The IP800 remains in our portfolio - the IP810 is an extension for an enhanced use-case.

Phone Enhancements

Phone enhancements

The increasing amount of features leads to an increased size of phone-firmware - which may cause problems in upgrading dedicated phone models providing too less memory for Version10.

This conflict applies for the phones models IP110, IP150, IP200a, IP230 and IP240. It does not affect the models IP222, IP232 and IP241 - so if you only need to manage one of these new models you can skip the following topic...

To overcome this memory issue, there are two workarounds:

New firmware variants

Of course new V10 features (like video and upgrades in terms of telephony features) shall be available within already existing phones - independent of their type.

To protect these investments, starting with V10 several new firmware variants providing a subset of functionality have been generated. These variants are part of the V10-firmware-packages and are explained in the table below:

FW-name Display* SIP H.323 PPP Video Note
ipxxx   no yes yes yes no SIP
ipxxx-sip ps yes no yes yes no H.323
ipxxx-no-ppp hs yes yes no yes no PPP

xxx stands for the phone model (110, 150, 200A, 240).
* Abbreviation displayed in the General/Info screen next to the version-number

Depending on the use-case (mainly the required communication protocol), a dedicated firmware -version has to be used.

New phone types

For all of the above mentioned phones types - except of IP230 which is end-of-sale - new variants providing increased internal memory are released.

Memory is now 16 MB SDRAM and 8 MB Flash to overcome any potential issues with increasing demand for memory by future releases.

There's nothing to be noted instead of a slightly changed display on the bottom specifying the model as IPxxxA (for the IP200 it's IP200B) and new order numbers (which will not have any major effect due to immediate unavailability of the "old" IPxxx).

For these "new" phone model types, starting with V10 also new firmware variants are included in the SW-packages. They are named ipxxxa.bin (for the IP200B it's ip200b.bin) and include the full-featured V10-phone-firmware.

Please keep in mind the new firmware-variant-names when working on update mechanisms for innovaphone devices.


  • Starting with V10, all phones provide language support for Russian and Slovenian users.
  • all phones (except of IP62 and IP72) provide now wikipedia.ico LLDP-MED on startup of the Ethernet interfaces
  • Phone LDAP clients can now use the master PBX instead of their registration PBX as LDAP server. Useful in partially replicated scenarios

PBX Enhancements

PBX enhancements


The PBX V10 firmware provides some new features as listed below:

  • Show video calls on page fish-help.png PBX/Calls
  • Show video capability of registrations on pagefish-help.png PBX/Registrations
  • Tone type for PBX generated tones (e.g. for Mobility) fish-help.png configurable
  • fish-help.png License Tab on object configuration for all user related licenses
  • myPBX call lists usable without Reporting License
  • new per user Voicemail license
  • allow registration with 'Name' only if a device with 'Name' as hardware id is configured
  • Support for cloud setup
  • Presence handling improved to allow user to overwrite presence info provided by a service like the Exchange calendar connector
  • new fish-help.png 'do-not-disturb' presence
  • fish-help.png Call pickup introduced in myPBX
  • Support for Mobility client using data for call-control features
  • default visibility (presence/dialog) for group members configurable
  • Chat messages are forwarded to all ringing endpoints
  • Support of call forking to name
  • Allow changing of object type without deleting the object (Hint: There is a known bug with V10 to change the object without deleting this will be fixed as soon as posible.)
  • Broadcast Conference object: Support chat conferences
  • Voicemail: Support for media interface on different device then voicemail object
  • PBX-SOAP: UserPark allows parking of a call to another object
  • PBX-SOAP: Monitoring of status of boolean object
  • Waiting Queue: Mobile operators are called though Mobility
  • Name Identification included in Dialog Information across PBXs
  • Mobility/Forking can be turned on/off by Boolean object
  • all devices (except of IP62 and IP72) provide now LLDP on startup of the ethernet interfaces


  • Support for AES encryption and compatibility with Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Default realm for authentication that is used when the user does not specify a realm

Gateway Enhancements

Gateway enhancements

Conference Interface

The conference interface has got additional control options:

  • Disconnect control option: Disconnects the conference if the caller disconnects.
  • Remote control connect option: Calls are answered only with alert and can be connected with a SOAP application.
  • fish-help.png Remote controls: Connect, Receive on, Receive off, Exclusive listen mode, Normal listen mode
  • Allow mapping of number into name. Needed for example to map to SIP URIs for emergency numbers containing location prefixes


The SIP-stack now supports non-ascii characters in SIP domain names.


ISDN protocol implementation doesn't negotiate early media, if no in-band media is available.

Application Enhancements

Application enhancements

Linux Application Platform

The linux application platform has got a PostgreSQL database installed by default.


The reporting application is now able to support multiple PBXes which are not in the same system.

The database has been reworked for faster report/call list creation; and the application provides now LDAP-access over TLS/SSL.

Furthermore a weekday can be defined now as a filter condition.

License Enhancements

License enhancements

New licenses

New license types are added to the existing innovaphone licensing scheme:

  • myPBX10 - enables usage of the UC-client myPBX
  • Video10 - enables usage of video telephony (myPBX laucher required)
  • Fax10 - enables fax application usage

Assuming a request for a full-featured UC installation including all services, a new license called UC-license was introduced on top. It bundles the licenses for myPBX, Video, Voicemail, Mobility and Fax within one single license per user. The well known innovaphone license-packages apply for the UC-license as well.

As mentioned before, no reporting license is needed for the call list service within myPBX - that' s why it's not included in the UC-license. For exclusive reporting(e.g. generate a fish-help.png Report in the Reporting application) services a reporting license is required as usual.

Detailed informations on V10 licenses can be found in the new link_intern.png V10 license guideline.


Voicemail-licenses can be now obtained also for a dedicated amount of users only. No need to have the same amount of VM-licenses as port-licenses any more.

End of Sale

End of sale

For the IP230 a last-time-buy was announced till 31 March 2013.

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