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This book outlines the software you should have installed when attending the course.


Preparing Software on your Laptop

During the course, some software is required and downloading/installing it during the course takes a lot of time. We thus ask you to kindly do it upfront at home when you prepare for the course.

All required soft- and firmware can be accessed from a single download page. The link Recommended Tools and Firmware for this Course is available on the course main-page in the sidebar to the left.

When asked for credentials, use ice/technical - since the files are on "" site.

For requirements regarding the laptop you will be using, see the Laptop chapter in Introduction.

myPBX and Firmware

You will be using the innovaphone UC-client myPBX. can be downloaded from the Firmware section of the download page. This includes an installer for the myPBX client called myPBXsetup.msi.

Please install it on your laptop. There is no need to configure it though (this will be done in the course) - just install it.

Installation may require a more recent Microsoft.Net. So please install this at home, as doing this during the training takes too much time.

The download of the device firmware is done for you by moodle - automatically! However, you can still download the firmware manually too from the Firmware section of the download page.

Voicemail and Tools

The voice mail files should be available on your Laptop. You can download them from the Voice Mail, TAPI, SoftwarePhone, Operator section of the download page.

You only need the voicemail-files for your preferred language, this would be e.g. for English users or for German users.

While you'r at that section, you should also download the Tools Package. From the .zip file, extract gwload.exe, innovaphone_win32.dll and innovaphone_win64.dll. Copy gwload.exe to your Windows system32 folder (e.g. C:\Windows\System32). You will need one of the dll files later on when you install Wireshark.


Wireshark is the primary tool to create traces and logs of all kinds when it comes to debugging support issues.

So that all students use the same version, we recommend a specific version. You can download it from the Wireshark Protocol Analyzer section of the download page.

When you have installed wireshark, you need to copy the appropriate innovaphone wireshark DLL (innovaphone_win32.dll or innovaphone_win64.dll) to the Wireshark plugin directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Wireshark\plugins\2.0.1). You have already downloaded and extracted them before (see section Voicemail and Tools in this book).

When you first run Wireshark, it may ask you to install an available update for Wireshark. Please do not install the update. We want you to use the recommended Wireshark version in the course. After the course, you can of course upgrade to a convenient version.

At the same time, Wireshark may ask you to install an available update for WinPcap. You can safely install it.

WebDAV Client

WinSCP is the tool used to access files on the devices persistent file system (CF-card, Flash Disk, mSata drive).

Please download the proper version from the WebDAV Client section of the download page.

Software required for the Advanced Training only

Some of the software will not be used in the basic training. So if you attend a basic training, you can skip this chapter.


You will be using various Linux applications. Please download all the files from the Linux Application Platform, innovaphone Reporting, innovaphone Exchange Calendar Connector and innovaphone Faxserver V10.00 section of the download page.


For Both the virtualized version of the PBX and the Linux application platform, you will be using Wireshark. Please download it from the VMware Workstation Player section of the download page and install it on your laptop.

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