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innovaphone UC client



Beside hardware like phones and gateways, innovaphone also offers a software based UC client called myPBX.

myPBX communicates with a UC-server - which is - as we always keep it simple - the PBX!

The client offers full collaboration with other users providing communication via voice, video, application sharing, email and chat.

In this course, we will focus ourselves on the myPBX basic features - and offer you the possibility to give it a try together with your other course fellows.

A complete fish-help.png feature description can be found in our wiki, together with a detailed configuration description.


Here is a quick walk-through showing the basic functionality.

A full user guide should be available in German and English in link_intern.png en/services/downloads/user-guides.html.


The right-sided screenshot.png screenshot provides an overview about the main action areas within the myPBX application. Following a description how to use the main functionalities.

Device selection

Any device which is bound to the myPBX user can be selected within this area for use on outgoing calls initiated via myPBX. Just click on the device button and select an appropriate device (if any) to be used.

Audio Calls

The search field allows you to search for (PBX and external directory) contacts and execute outgoing calls using the selected device. Hover over the displayed results and press the screenshot.png handset symbol to orginate a call. Just give it a try.

Click to Dial

A hotkey can be configured in order to provide a Click To Dial functionality - you have to copy to clipboard(Ctrl+C) the desired number and then you have to press the configured hot key. The myPBX client will then pop up, having the selected number in its search field.

Call History

Finally you can use the call history tab to get an overview of all your incoming and outgoing calls. The call history is stored either directly at the SSD/FLASH-memory or in a separate fish-help.png Reporting database. It contains information of calls made from/to all devices assigned to your user - no matter if the myPBX client was started at the moment or not (i.e. the call records are independent of myPBX, myPBX is just one possible method to display them).


In addition to normal audio calls you can use the myPBX client to start chat session to one or more users (multi-party-chat). Even though the chat messages are signalled - similar to calls - through the PBX, the chat endpoint is always the myPBX client- not an innovaphone phone. As a result, you cannot send a chat message to user who does not have a running myPBX client.

If a chat session is possible, you will see a screenshot.png chat bubble icon at your contact entry. The person you invite to the chat will get a screenshot.png popup notification through the myPBX-icon located in the Windows task bar.
A chat history is stored by each client, allowing the user to review the chat.

Favourites list

The screenshot.png Favourites list section is situated below the search-field. You can add contact buttons for internal or external users, the entries will display the presence state and call information of the assigned users. Normally you would start with an empty contact list, for training purposes we configured already some entries. The list is stored in the PBX, as a result you will have the same contact list on all myPBX clients.

To create new entries, type the desired name or number in the search field. Use the screenshot.png star symbol to add new entries. myPBX will automatically decide the type of the contact (internal or external) based on the fish-help.png dialing location of the user.

You can create additional Favourites lists for your contacts and by this group them.

The amount of contact list entries is theoretically not limited. However since it is stored in the PBX, it is currently limited to 32 entries to not exceed memory boundaries within the PBX.


Presence is one of the main aspects of collaboration. In combination with the contact list it allows you to monitor the state of your colleagues.

myPBX is also a very comfortable tool to screenshot.png manage your own presence. In the upper part of the client, you can see/change your presence state and also add/delete an additional presence note (e.g. presence: away, note: at customer until 16.00) .

The presence of all users is stored in the PBX and displayed additionally at phones (via a function key) or when calling a user.

By the way: Presence and phone states will only be shared to other when allowed by the user itself! Via the cog wheel at the upright corner, various visibility criteria can be set.

Video and Application Sharing

During a call, you can have video and application sharing. This works for simple calls as well as for 3PTY calls. Video and application sharing can be controlled by the screenshot.png respective icons on the top of the myPBX client.

Both function require proper licensing and are only available when the UC client is used on windows and is started by the myPBX windows launcher (myPBX.exe) - as oppose to the pure HTML5 web application.

How it works

Looks nice, doesn't it?

In order for you to be able to install, configure and support it, it may be useful to understand how this works in a quick and easy way (more details will be given in the Advanced Training).

myPBX does nothing useful without the PBX and therefore communicates to it. Usage of myPBX has to be enabled in the PBX.

The PBX also provides call history management, phone book access and dial plans to be performed on calls initiated from the client.

Furthermore, each PBX-user who shall benefit from the UC-client needs to be licensed for it and own a password to login to the client. The PBX as well knows about the access/visibility rights of the users.

The user itself can decide which version of myPBX to use:
  • a pure web-client without installation - simply started in browser via URL. It's OS- independant, offers phone and call control, favourites and presence but no video/application sharing
  • a windows installer version (a.k.a. the myPBX launcher), offering the same features plus video and application sharing during calls, event notification, click-to-dial and optional Microsoft office integration

In the course, you will install the windows launcher version.

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