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How this course works


About this course

Welcome to your innovaphone technician course!

Course modes

Our courses come in 3 flavours
  • on-site courses
    These are held in a classroom directly at innovaphone or in one of our certified training centers

  • on-line courses
    Such courses are done on-line. Usually (unless they are marked as unmoderated), you still have a supporting trainer which is available through a forum. Also, your trainer will give an introductory webinar (usually in English and German)

  • virtual classroom courses
    Such courses are done on-line too, but there will be a trainer who is presenting all the content in a webinar-style and all students will listen to the presentations and work through the assignments at the same time
See your course invitation you have received by E-Mail for the exact times.

How to do the course

Doing the course is quite straight forward: you simply follow the items on the course home page, do the lessons and books. To successfully pass the course, you finish all lessons and work through all books (in the books, you will often find the symbol , these are the things you need to practice).

We're fine if you collaborate with others, we even encourage you to do so! However, you still need to do the whole course yourself using your own training equipment. In an on-site course, this is obvious. But for on-line and virtual-classroom type course, we won't accept any "I have done it with a friend and he did all the typing excuses".

Checking if you 're doing fine

Our training tool (which is called moodle) has a nice feature known as the lesson checker. It will look at the devices you're about to configure and tells yo what's good and what's bad (well, it's smart but it's not all-knowing). It is available on a page called My Devices.

One note though: when you look at the My Devices page, there will be a score shown (something like result: 18 out of 19 (xx%)). Please, simply disregard it. The score absolutely does not matter in the course! Only make sure that there are no red error messages shown.

Final exam

This course contains a Final Exam. To complete the Final Exam you need to accomplish 80% otherwise you proceed to the last Page of the last, which is necessary to complete it.

Time frame

Please consult the emails which have been sent to you for the time details (begin, end, agenda).

Your PC

The course is designed to use a Windows PC. If you're using a Mac or Linux box, you might run in to various issues (cause we don't them and therefore do not detect such issues).

For sure, accessing your devices with http://00-90-33-serial/ will not work on a Mac system. Try http://00-90-33-serial.local/ instead. If this doesn't work either, you must use the respective IP addresses: IP411RIGHT IP411LEFT IP811 IP111 IP222 IP232 App Platform IP411LEFT IP112 IP1202A (not on all courses) IP1202B (not on all courses)

The above table will show the correct (that is, your) IP addresses only after you have done the settings in Training Setup Device Definition (which you will do a little later). Before you have done that, 172.31.31.x is shown always, so don't be confused

Note that this may happen even on a windows machine, if NetBIOS name resolution is not enabled (which happens rarely on windows).

(Further Hints) You are on your own if you use a non-windows PC. Your trainer will not be able to help you in this case!


If you ask yourself which browser you should use, the answer is that moodle will work with any Browser but we are using www.png FireFox and www.png Chrome for creating the course.

Pausing Videos

If you want to pause or stop a video but you are missing the controls to do so, we recommend to watch one of this explanatory videos we created for video2.png firefox orvideo2.png chrome

Your Network

If you do an on-site course, we already have well-prepared your training network and your devices. So you don't need to bring anything but your laptop, lucky you!

For on-line and virtual-classroom courses, however, you must prepare your training network!

Unrestricted internet access

You must have full Internet access for the course. No blocking firewall, no proxy server.

Also, the network you attach your training equipment to must have DHCP and provide a lease to one of your IP411.

See How to verify IP port availability for more details!

(Further Hints) If you fail to verify your network upfront, all kinds of obscure issues can occur. You will likely not be able to complete the course successfully.

Keep in mind that you might need help from your system administrator. We therefore recommend that you set up your equipment a week before the training starts.

(Further Hints) We strongly recommend that you complete the first topic Introduction before the course begins

Extra considerations for a virtual-classroom training

When doing a virtual class-room training, you need to have your training equipment and -network up and running when the course begins. The trainer needs to proceed with the training then and will not be able to fix any issues you might have with your equipment or network.

To help if you run into any issues while preparing your setup, we usually offer a preparatory session before the course starts (for example, for a course starting at Monday 1pm, the preparatory session might be scheduled for Monday 10am). In this session, a trainer will guide you through any issues you might have encountered.

(Further Hints) See your course invitation you have received by E-Mail regarding the course schedule and to learn when and how the preparatory session takes place.

Additional WLAN requirements for some courses

In some courses (e.g. the iT Advanced part 2), we will use an additional mobile phone (your mobile phone, to be precise). This phone needs to have access to the corporate network your training setup is connected to (more precisely: the network you connect the ETH0 interface of your IP411RIGHT to).

Make sure WLAN access is available

In many cases, your training equipment will be connected to your corporate network and your corporate network will certainly provide WLAN access. In these cases, there is nothing you need to do.

However, if you do not have WLAN support in the network you connect your IP411RIGHT to or you don't have access to that WLAN, see your network administrator to ensure appropriate WLAN access

How to use moodle

In case you find moodle a little confusing we created a series of videos which explain how Moodle works and which benefits it has for you!

Translating moodle books

Our training documentation is generally written in English language. However, we can provide an automatic translation which can be displayed side-by-side with the original text.

To enable this feature, tick the Show translations check-mark in your moodle user profile (you must switch to Edit profile to change the check-mark)).

You can also turn translations on and off using the translation symbol trsnslation symbol on the top of the page.

Test mode

As you do not have any valid licenses for your system in this course,
you will be using the testmode in this course. In this mode, the system will consider any license whatsoever as "available".

Due to the fact that the Install activates the testmode, you'll be able to work for 8 hours. After this period you'll need to reactivate the testmode through the advanced UI of your IP411-LEFT and IP811. See General / License and General / License.

Firmware used

We usually test our courses with a specific firmware and once we are satisfied, we do not update it frequently. So it might not be the latest-greatest but we recommend to use the version set for the course as you can be quite sure that the system behaves as described.

In real life however, you should of course use the newest release version from

Training resources

In the training, you will use some central resources (such as your training network or the training mail server).

These resources are available to you during the course and up to 60 days after. You can therefore re-do all the exercises done in the course during that time-frame.

Access to all the training material in the course (such as books, lessons, downloadable files) is granted to you with no time-limit, as long as you do not choose to terminate your moodle account.

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