Course13:IT Connect - 02 Lesson on Setting up the basic System

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To run the v13 Install

  • get a PBX box for the test run
  • update it to the latest v12r2 (V12r2 sr22 or later)
  • got to Maintenance/Update
  • set Update URL to
  • update to the latest v13r1
  • download Image:Setup-Data.xls
  • fill in the Excel sheet with all required information
  • run http://009033xxxxxx/install.htm?stdpwd=on&lang=en (change 009033xxxxxx to your box serial number or to your box IP address)
this will start the new v31r1 Install in a special mode
  • language will be English, so it matches the books here in the wiki
  • the box will retain its default password (instead of a highly secure random password, which you should use in a real-life installation!)
  • run the Install using the information you have collected in the setup-data.xls
  • when done, log-in to the new v13r1 PBX using the account you have specified during the Install
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