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How to configure the Reports App


What it is

The Reports App is for administrators and allows you to create lists of calls which have been done in the system.

Who shall see the reports

For data protection reasons, call reports are usually available to administrators only. This is why only the Config Admin template screenshot.png has a check-mark for Reports.

However, you don't need to be a full administrator to have access to Reports. It is enough for a user to have the Reports App assigned.

Configure the system so that Mario Rossi has access to Reports but not to other admin Apps (such as e.g. UsersAdmin)
  • create a new template called Reporting Admin
  • let it inherit from Config User
  • tick the Reports check-mark in the Apps part of the template (leave everything else as is)
  • assign the new template to Mario Rossi
(Further Hints) Tip: you can start a myApps session for Mario Rossi in another browser (you could for example use Chrome if you run your own myApps session in Firefox. Also, the native myApps client behaves like a different browser). This way, you can see the effect of your configuration directly in this new session. Keep in mind that the Reports App will first show up in the All Apps area, not on the home screen.

Which calls can be seen in the reports?

As we have seen, the reports can be seen by those users who have the Reports App assigned to them.

The users whose calls can be included in a report however must screenshot.png have a Reporting license assigned to them (yes, the App is called Reports while the license is called Reporting).

Configure the system so that calls for all users can be included in the reports.

Exporting CDRs

After you click the Show results button you can screenshot.png download the report as CSV file.

CDR deletion

By default, the Reports App deletes CDRs after 90 days. If you want to keep the CDRs indefinitely or change the duration of keeping the CDRs , you can go to the screenshot.png PBX Manager Plugin of your Reports App and screenshot.png change the configuration to your liking.

(Further Hints) By the way, believe me, you don't want to set it to disabled. CDRs will quickly fill your database and one day, your AP's disk will be full and it will not boot any more and fish-help.png you're in trouble.
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