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Apps installed but not covered in the Training


Apps we did not look at

In this training, the focus is on how an administrator sets up the system. It is not about the usage of the various end-user apps. In this little book, we will have a quick look at them because your users will certainly have questions regarding those apps and therefore it is a good idea for you to have at least a look at.

The Phone App

The Phone App is probably the most important App for your users. It is what might be called a CTI client in others systems you know. That is,
  • it serves to place and receive calls
  • it provides access to your directories
  • it allows you to add video and application sharing to your calls
Users can start the App at any time or it is started when a call is received.

The App's window is structured in these parts
  • search field and dial-pad
  • Favorites
  • History
The favorites are populated by the user (this can be done from the call history or manually from a search result).

The history shows persons you had contact with recently.

Multiple phones

If you have multiple phones registered or have an additional softphone, you will notice that you also have multiple phone apps on your home screen. You then would specify the phone device to use by simply starting the appropriate phone app.

Sometime however, myApps needs to know which phone App to use even if you don't have an app running. For example, when you receive a call, a phone app is started for this call. Also, when you initiate a call in another App (e.g. from inside the Users App), then myApps needs to know which phone App shall be used. You can screenshot.png define this by setting the DEFAULT APPS in your personal screenshot.png myApps settings. For example, if you have a hard-phone and a softphone and you set the hard-phone App to be your default app, then an incoming call would implicitly open your hard-phone App.


The Chat App

The Chat App allows to have a chat with users in your PBX or with external users that are reachable through federation (not part of this course) and support SIP messaging. Chat content supports rich text including emoticons and attached files.

Users can also screenshot.png create and use chat groups. Requires the Messages service (see below).


You can also send attachment files within a chat. This function is a bit hidden. To use it, you first need to video2.png open the extended chat editor and find the attachment symbol on the upper right.

Persistent chat

Chat conversations and groups are stored in the Messages service on your App Platform. For this to work, users must have a premium Chat App license (which is not included in the UC license). Peer-to-peer chat without persistence works without licenses.

When persistent chat is enabled, users can screenshot.png delete individual conversations using the burger menu on the upper right. Also only with persistent chat, badge counts for unread chat messages will be displayed for the chat app.

The Call List App

Not at all surprising, the Call List App gives you access to your call-list. It lists all your calls in chronological order. When you select one of the calls, you can screenshot.png see the call's history in chronological order (e.g. if it was forwarded to you).

Also, it provides missed call notification by virtue of a badge-count on the Call List icon.

Difference to the Phone App's History

You may wonder what the difference to the screenshot.png History part of the Phone App is.

In the History area, the idea is to have quick access to the contacts you most likely will want to call next. This is done by screenshot.png grouping your last contacts (except for those which are anyway part of your Favorites) in alphabetical order (as opposed to your last calls in chronological order). If there were multiple calls for the same contact, still only one item is shown (and you can see screenshot.png the last 5 calls when you look at the item's details).

In addition to that, the Favorites- and History- items will also show the contact's presence information.

The Users App

The Users App allows you to search for users in your PBX. Once users are found, you can
  • see the presence
  • put a link on your home screen
  • initiate a call or a chat
  • or send an email

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