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For all article types, please append the article name after the 'Namespace:' tag!

To create a new article of a specific type, click the appropriate create button.

[edit] Concept

Please call your article like "Reference13r1:Concept App Fax" or "Reference13r1:Concept myApps"

[edit] Howto

This category holds all Howto articles. Please do not call your article like "How to do this and that", as this is redundant in the Howto: namespace. Just call it "Doing this and that".

[edit] Sample

This category contains information on sample product configurations.

[edit] FAQ

FAQs and other short problems can be answered in this category.

[edit] Problem

If we detect a problem which we would like to communicate to customers proactively we put an article in this category.

[edit] News

This category will contain the Release Announcements.

[edit] Recommended Product Page

The results of compatibility tests between innovaphone products and 3rd. party products will be published here.

To initiate a new recommended product certification process, read the Howto:Hitchikers_Guide_to_the_"3rd_Party_Product_Listing" article.

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