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Template:PD Help Page It is possible to create an external searches of a topic using key words using a template.

For example this is something that would work for google

<span style="border: 1px solid #CCD5DB;">[[Image:GoogleIcon.PNG]] [{{{1|Wiki}}}&btnG=Search&meta= {{{1|Google}}}]</span>
Allows to establish a link to a search query at the Google search engine:
<div style="display:table; width:auto;"><pre>

The usage is very simple and easy to use. {{Google|firstTerm+Second+etc}}

It is also possible to do phrases by using %22Term1+Term2+etc%22

  • External searches are useful where an article requires certain keywords to make an effective search.
  • For the editor it allows making searches of web more quickly and painlessly.

Other applications of the template include searching Forums, for bug reports of the same type for software development wiki's where the wiki and forum work together.

Note: Wikipedia may have policies that don't allow this kind of searching for whatever reason, check with Wikipedia policies and uses. This article is aimed at wiki administrators and editors that are in the situation where the information is a moving target and would like to be able to help readers search the web using good keywords and not clutter the pages with long http text.

External reference to template example in use at

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