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Innovaphone Compatibility Test Report



SIP Provider: CODEMA

The provider supports all required innovaphone features and is therefore qualified as recommended SIP Provider.

Innovaphone is currently working on resolving a problem with fax transmission using CODEMAVoIP SIP platform.

CODEMA has achieved 94,79% of all possible test points. For more information on the test rating, please refer to Test Description

  • Features:
    • Direct Dial In
    • DTMF

  • Supported Codecs by the provider
    • G729, G711a/u, G723

Current test state

The tests for this product have been completed.

Testing of this product has been finalized December 15th, 2010.

Testing Enviroment

Scenario NAT


This scenario describes a setup where the PBX and phones are in a private network. No stun server was required during while testing. The IP800 works as media relay, all RTP - streams go through the PBX.

Test Results

For more information on the test procedure, please read the following wiki article: SIP Interop Test Description. Bold lines in the test results indicate a KO-criteria.

Image:CODEMA Compatibility Test - Results Table.jpg


General Information

Firmware version

  • IP800: 8.00 hotfix9 IP800[80500.32]
  • IP24: 8.00 hotfix9 IP24[80500.32]
  • IP200A: 8.00 hotfix9 IP200A[80500.32]
  • IP230: 8.00 hotfix9 IP230[80500.32]
  • IP230: 8.00 hotfix9 IP230[80500.32]

SIP - GK Gateway

First of all the SIP Trunk must be configured. Here an example of our CODEMA- Trunk.

Image:CODEMA Compatibility Test - Trunk detail.jpg

Codema awaits in the From Header the complete Calling Party Number(CGPN). The default innovaphone setting is to not send the complete CGPN in the FROM - Header, but in the Preffered Identity Header. Change the setting From Header: to CGPN in user part of URI.

Number Mapping

The complicated part on this issue is the correct mapping of the outgoing and incoming numbers.

Image:CODEMA SIP Compatibility Test - Mapping.jpg

Route Settings

CODEMA, as most SIP - Providers do, doesn't support overlap sending, you must enable the enblock sending of the phone number. You can do this by enabling Force enblock in the appropriate outgoing Route.

The second setting you must check is Interworking(QSIG,SIP). This feature must be enabled to properly relay suplementary services, like Hold over the SIP Trunk. If this checkbox is unchecked only basic call Information like connect and disconnect will be forwarded by the Gateway.

Image:CODEMA SIP Compatibility Test - Routes.jpg

Now the PBX and the phones are setup correctly. You should be able to make call in both directions.

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