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This article describes approaches to recover devices with lost admin password.


Applies To

This information applies to:

  • IP3000, boot 320
  • IP400, boot 319
  • IP21, boot 326
  • IP200, boot 338
  • IP800, boot 405
  • IP6000, boot 132
  • IP22,IP24,IP302,IP305, boot 357

earlier boot code versions may not work or have different command names.

More Information

Problem Details

In case you have lost the password for innovaphone device and there no recent config backup available, you are still able to recover the device config.

There two possible solutions, depending on given requirements:

The preffered approach is to use Update Server. The last resort is to use TFTP mode to download the device config.

System Requirements

Update Server approach:

  • Update Server URL need to be configured before you have lost the password

TFTP approach:

  • appropriate boot code version need to be installed on device
  • gwload.exe
  • TFTP client

Update Server

If you know that there is an Update Server URL configured on the device and you have access to the web server with update script on it, you can change polled update script to following, to reset admin password on the device.

# reset password
config change CMD0 /name mydevicehostname /log on /user admin,ip6000
config write
# encrypt it
config activate
# remove from visible config
config change CMD0 /name mydevicehostname /log on 
# done

In case one of ETH interfaces is configured as DHCP client, you can provide Update Server URL to device via DHCP.


If preffered usage of Update Server approach is not possible you have last resort to get the device configuration via TFTP. Make sure you have read articles about Factory Reset and Gwload Utility, before you start to recover device configuration via TFTP.

Set device to TFTP mode

Setting the device in TFTP mode is made by pressing reset button on gateway for ca. 1,5-2 sec(active LED must blink 3 times). Be careful cause if you press reset button too long it will perform factory reset, what means the config is lost.

Set IP adress of device with gwload

Once set to TFTP mode is the device without IP address so you have to set it with gwload:

gwload /gwtype 6000 /i /setip

Download config from device using TFTP-Client

Now you can use any TFTP client to download the config from device. There two different versions of boot code, so config file on device can be called c or config.

Open shell of your operating system and type:

tftp -i GET config config.txt

or if you have device with older boot code version:

tftp -i GET c config.txt

Now there a file with config text several times repeated in it so you have to search for latest config that was saved in this ring buffer.

This config can be changed to a known password ( e.g. config change CMD0 /user admin,ip800 ). After sending this config to the device ( using e.g. gwload /setip /i ipaddress /gwtype 800 /cfg config.txt ) the new config is effective. On the first start of the firmware copy the user/password definition from the commandline to a crypted var.

This procedure keeps the configuration and the flashdir (ldap) directory because no long reset is done.

Known Problems

The config.txt file recovered with TFTP only includes the partial configuration (lines starting with config change). No vars, no FLASHDIR.

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