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Sometimes, in large scenarios, there are configurations that can exceed some limits. This is to be considered in a concept planning.
In most cases, problems with the limitations are simple conceptual errors and can be resolved by a different configuration.

If you have any problems with the concept development, or problems with understanding, please feel free to contact our presales team


  • the total line length must not exceed 20kB (for v11r2 and earlier versions the limit is 8kB)
  • the number of whitespace separated strings (words) on a config line must not exceed 1024

Gateway layer

  • the total size of "config change" commands must not exceed 29kB


  • No more than 32 alias entries are allowed on one Gatekeeper/Registrar interface.

PBX Objects

  • No more than 6 Hardware IDs on a PBX Object are possible.
  • No more than 32 conditions (only/only not) in a single CFx are possible
If more conditions are needed, we recommend moving the logic to an external XML script that interprets the CGPN and forwards the call if necessary. See sample scripts

Weak Scenarios and better Solutions

Many Routes and Number Mappings in the routing engine

It is not recommended to create very large configurations in the routing engine. Instead, we recommend an assessment of the necessary concept and a sustainable solution.



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