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This information applies to

  • Faxserver, V10 SR9 and up

More Information

This document describes which fax number plans are available with the innovaphone fax server.

One sender and one recipient

Only one fax number and one email address are used. Incoming fax documents are forwarded to the delivery address configured in the fax gateway object. Users which want to send a fax must change the email address for this email with a deliver-as function. Only one fax license is necessary (for the gateway object).

One fax number and several users

There is also only one fax number. Personal fax isn't available, but users can send fax documents with their own email address and the sender name is assigned. Each user needs a fax license.

Personal fax

Each user has an own fax number. The personal fax number is composed of the fax gateway number and the user number. The user number is added to the subscriber id. Each user needs a fax license and the add user number option must be enabled.

Special fax number mapping or fax groups

The fax number isn't a combination of the gateway number and a user number. Instead only the PBX Object number and the alternative subscriber id are used. The PBX Object with this fax number must be a PBX Number Map object and needs a fax license.

Send fax with hidden number CLIR

In case fax messages should be sent with hidden number (CLIR) you have to hide the CGPN for the outgoing fax call in the routing by mapping it to R.

Additionally you have to hide the T.30 identifier you can usually find in the fax message header. This can be done by using Number Map object as stated above. The setting Config -> Server -> Fax Configuration the value for Alternative Subscriber Id must be empty, to keep T.30 header also free from any phone numbers.

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