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Applies To

This information applies to

  • Faxserver, V10 and up

More Information

The fax server sends email responses to the users. The texts of different mails can be configured by the fax server administrator, and some of them can include job dependent data which are defined in variables. Not all of the following variables are defined in every user text:

  • <result>
  • <user-name>
  • <user-h323>
  • <user-number>
  • <remote-number>
  • <remote-subscriber-id>
  • <file-name>
  • <calls>
  • <pages>
  • <duration>
  • <error-cause>
  • <error-description>
  • <date>
  • <time>

Additionally, there are some substitutions in the header line of outgoing faxes.

HTML Content

Emails are sent as "text/plain", additional HTML content is sent as text.

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