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Product Name

Jusan Fidelity Contact Center

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Vendor test report and configuration hints were received May, 2018.


Inbound-/Outbound Contact Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR


Fidelity is an advanced and cost effective Contact Center solution aimed at improving telephone attention and quality of service reducing the number of unattended calls and providing statistics on the contact center activity.

Fidelity is a consolidated solution present in more than 20 markets. It is based on state of the art technology and it allows the supervisor to obtain all the relevant information in real time in order to manage and optimize available resources.

Fidelity handles and distributes of a large volumes of calls, reducing the number of unattended calls, and optimizing costs.

Fidelity may also handle emails and chats, and may be integrated with CRM and ERP solutions. The Telemarketing option may be used to easily and efficiently generate outbound call campaigns. Fidelity is unique because it adapts to companies of any size and from any sector, and greatly improves the telephone attention.

The solution has been designed for call-centers, contact centers, customer service centers, and in general any organization which needs to handle large volumes of calls with limited resources.


See reference for more information:


  • Automatic routing of inbound traffic. According to dialed number (DNIS) / calling number (ANI), IVR, schedule
  • Groups and waiting queues. Possibility to create unlimited number of groups and queues
  • Intelligent and multi-criteria call distribution. Longest idle time, skill based, urgent / forced transfer, same agent as previous call
  • Automatic call-back function. Enables callers to exit the queue and receive a call-back when an agent becomes available and within a certain time interval
  • Management of agent skills. Multiple group agents, skills profile, priority levels
  • Dynamic sizing of waiting queues. Maximum number of queued calls according to active agents, maximum percentage of agents on break
  • Real time supervision and wallboards. Calls in each queue, on hold times, agent status, available on supervisor screen and external TV screen
  • Alarms and warnings. When exceeding maximum authorized on hold times, call durations, or maximum agent break times
  • Productivity and performance evaluation. Broad range of statistical reports and graphics. Real time data display on external wallboard
  • Interactive web-based forms. Enables the creation of scripts and questionnaires for inbound and outbound calls, with conditions and multiple replies
  • Free Seating. Allows agents and supervisors to use workstations dynamically
  • Outbound call campaigns. Automatic call generation for telemarketing campaigns with different operating modes (preview, progressive, predictive, multiple progressive), call blending
  • Messages and music. Welcome/patience messages customized according to groups or position in the queue and updated without service interruption
  • Breaks and Wrap-up-time. Programmable with predetermined durations
  • Modular and scalable solution. Agents, supervisors, IVR ports, recording channels

Add-on Features

Call Recording

Fidelity provides a wide range of recording solutions for different types of lines and extensions: Permanent recording of all calls, selective recording per agent, group or client, and recording on-demand originated by the agent or the supervisor.

Integration with CRM applications

Fidelity may be integrated with CRMs, ERPs, and proprietary software applications developed by the customer. The integration may be used to identify the contact and transfer the call to the most appropriate agent, or to pop-up the customer file on the screen of the agent answering the call.

Post Call Survey

This option automates the process of post-call telephone surveys to measure quality of service and customer satisfaction. Results are stored together with data of the customer and of the agent who attended the call.

Email distributions

Enables the intelligent distribution of emails to the different groups of agents on the basis of keywords in the subject or in the text itself. This feature may be combined with the call distribution so that an agent does not attend at the same time a call and an email.

Chat module

Enables customers to contact an agent and chat in real time from the web page they are currently looking at. This module opens a new and convenient communications channel between clients and agents.

See reference for more information.

Competitive Analysis

Fidelity is based on a client-server architecture running under Windows, on CTI and SIP technologies and uses an SQL database (supplied).

The different modules communicate with each other via Ethernet (TCP/IP or Web). All user interfaces in web browser and very simple to use.

Integration into Innovaphone pbx via SIP and TAPI interface.

Fidelity incorporates a powerful SIP IVR server for handling incoming calls, play menus and options, and keeps calls in the queue through SIP ports (optionally analog ports) until an agent is available to answer the call.

Simple backend integration with CRM, ERP via modern interfaces as SOAP, Rest, etc.

Fidelity is PBX independent, is compatible with most PBX models in the market, as it only requires an operational CTI link

CSTA phase II or phase III, CSTA XML TAPI 2.0 and TSAPI



Under license offered by Juan and depending on the amount of agents and extra modules.

Applies To

Tested with

  • Jusan Applications CTIAL_tapi_innovaphone.dll Rev_5.3.0.0


  • innovaphone TSP Hotfix 14 (8159)



See online available PDF-reference.

Contact Details

Please visit jusan webpage to get more information.

C/Vivero, 5
28040 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 456 01 10
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