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Applies To

This information applies to

  • all V8 capable innovaphone devices

More Information

Problem Details

Upgrade and Downgrade

The upgrading and downgrading procedure for firmware is according to V7 as described in Howto:Firmware_Upgrade_V6_V7.

Configuration Changes

PBX Object

The Object type for a physical PBX is changed from Node Object to PBX Object. So now it exists a Node Object (for the numbering node Tree ) and a PBX Object (for the PBX Tree).

The Ldap Quickdial Object is merged with the Directory Search Object, see Reference8:Administration/PBX/Objects/LDAP Quickdial

Phone Display

Please keep in mind that the phone ringing display for all innovaphone IP Phones (including the IP72) changes greatly with V8, see Reference8:Phone_Ringing_Screen.

Known Problems

H323 EFC encoding changed

Solution: Pre-V8 devices must be updated to recent V6 or V7 version, to be compatible to V8.

In case no update to recent V6 or V7 is possible, following configuration change must be done to the PBX:

config change H323 /fix 0

When a phone register to the PBX the EFC setting(fix 0) is communicated to the phone. All phones in the installation will then use the old EFC encoding. However this is only a work around, the recommended solution is to update the devices to the recent V6 or V7 firmware.

IP phones have smaller local phone-book capacity

Due to the increased firmware size there is less memory left for the local in-core phone-book on the phones. It is thus limited to 500 entries and will be truncated during upgrade. This should not normally create a problem.

There is an option to run larger local phone-books on a n IP phone. For this, you need to specify the /max xxx option for the FLASHDIR0 module with a value larger than 500 for xxx (e.g. config add FLASHDIR0 /max 2048). Please note that you need to either add this option before you upgrade to V8 or you will need to restore the phone-book from a backup after the upgrade (as during upgrade the extraneous entries will be deleted).

This option is merely for migration purposes and its usage is not recommended. It will consume extra runtime memory and may cause problems later on during normal operation.

Double registration may not work

This problem does not exist any longer when upgrading to the latest V8 version.

Incompatibilities between certain Firmware Versions in V7, V8 and V9

There are incompatibilities between newer and older V7, V8 and V9 firmware builds. As a result, you should not mix these versions. However, contemporary builds of all these version do not have the problem. It is recommended thus to upgrade all V7 and/or V8 builds to the latest version before starting the migration.

Versions / hotfixes

We strongly recommend not to omit a version during a upgrade

I.e. Don't upgrade from v7 directly to V9 or V10

Upgrade only step by step to the next versions highest hotfix.

v7 (latest hotfix) -> v8 (latest hotfix),

v8 (latest hotfix) -> v9 (latest hotfix),

v9 (latest hotfix) -> v10 (latest hotfix)

Phone Directories

  • Note when upgrading phones to V8 HF1, directories which were disabled in V7 may appear enabled in V8. This is fixed in V8 HF2

Store Phone Config

Starting with v8 it is possible to store phone configs at the PBX (and not only on the phone as was the case until V7). This function is activated by enabling the checkmark Store Phone Config at the PBX-User-object. While migrating from the phone based config to PBX based config, the option Discard Config on Phone can be used to discard an existing configuration at the phone. As a result, when migrating your PBX from V7 to V8 the PBX-admin must decide whether the v7-phone-configs are to be discarded or not. The step-by-step procedure would be:

  • update PBX to V8
  • configure users with Store Phone Config and/or Discard Config on Phone
  • update phones to V8 (only now the config is sent to the PBX)

End of life

Due to memory limitations there is no V8 software for the IP3000 and IP3000DD

Also please note that there is no V8 support for IP600, IP1500, IP21, IP400, IP202 and IP200 (the old one, not IP200A, see label on the back).

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