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Innovaphone Compatibility Test Report



SIP Provider: Outbox

The provider does not support all required innovaphone features and is not qualified as recommended SIP Provider.

Incoming calls were not possible at all, therefore the tests were aborted. Moreover the provider seems to have problems with handling multiple registrations on one account.

Current test state

The tests for this product could not be completed or not all mandatory tests were passed. See the Summary section for more details.

Testing of this product has been finalized November 15th, 2012.

Testing Enviroment

Scenario NAT


This scenario describes a setup where the PBX and phones are in a private network. The IP800 must use a stun server, in order to send correct SIP - messages. The IP800 works as media relay, all RTP - streams go through the PBX.

Test Results

For more information on the test procedure, please read the following wiki article: SIP Interop Test Description. Bold lines in the test results indicate a KO-criteria.

Basic Call

Tested feature Result
call using g711a YES
call using g711u YES
call using g723 not tested
call using g729 not tested
Overlapped sending not tested
early media channel not tested
Fax using T.38 not tested
Reverse Media Negotiation not tested
CGPN can be suppressed not tested
CLIP no screening not tested
Long time call possible(>30 min) not tested
External Transfer not tested
NAT Detection not tested
Voice Quality OK? OK

Direct Dial In

Tested feature Result
Inbound(Provider -> Innovaphone) NOK
Outbound(Innovaphone -> Provider) OK

Known issues

  • For inbound calls after the Innovaphone phone answers the call we send 200 OK to SIP Provider but we don't receive any ACK message. After retry during 30seconds of 200 OK message we stop retry. Also if PSTN Phone hang ups the call we don't receive any BYE message.
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