Howto:How To Send Additional Voicemail MWIs within a PBX

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Please have a look at the Howto:Group_Voicemail article for a newer solution for this requirement, also integrated within the Voicemail App.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone Voicemail

Build 60039 and later

  • IPXXX with PBX, V6, SR1 and later

More Information

Up to now Message Waiting Indications (MWIs) could only be sent to the owner of a voicemail box. This arcticle explains how MWIs can be sent towards other endpoints within a PBX. For instance, sharing of a single voicemail box among several receptionists becomes possible. The approach described here, realizes the transmission of additional MWIs by an extra XML script that is to be placed into the "personal/"-directory of the user, who owns the voicebox that is about to be shared.

Configuration Description

A few preconditions are assumed:

  • A voicemail object 66:vm is existing.
  • A user 49:Klaus is existing. Klaus has created his voicemail box, which is represented on the harddisk underneath the directory Klaus/. The number of his voicemail box is 6649.
  • Klaus wants to send MWIs to his own ip phone and in addition to his colleague's ip phone. The colleague appears in the PBX as 48:Hans.


  • Create the following content within an XML file mwi.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<voicemail xmlns="">
<function define="Main">
<pbx-mwi e164="48"/>
  • Copy the file mwi.xml once and only into the directory ...Klaus/personal/.
    • Note:Do not copy the file into directories of other users. Only the box-owner will need such an mwi.xml within his personal directory. Additional destinations (other than 48) must be added into this single script file.
  • Now configure an additional Message Waiting function key at Hans' ip phone underneath Configuration/RegistrationX/Function Keys. Enter 6649 into the field Message Center Account/Number. Select blink as Active State/LED. Select letter as Active State/icon.


The script vm.xml just schedules an MWI towards Klaus' ip phone by means of:


The main script vm.xml keeps watching for the presence of the sub-script Klaus/personal/mwi.xml. The sub-script mwi.xml will be executed and schedules an additional MWI by explicitely nominating the extension of Hans' ip phone:

<pbx-mwi e164="48"/>

Trouble Shooting

In order to verify the transmission of MWI updates

  • Activate the Trace checkmark within the Voicemail object's administration UI on the tab "Voicemail".
  • Place a call towards the Voicemail in answering machine mode and leave a voice message. Tear down the call.
  • Pull-out a trace(buffer).
  • Within the trace at the end of the voicemail session watch out for trace outputs alike
    41:2246:636:1 - vm.703(T):try delete, ref=1 deleting=false
    41:2246:636:1 - vm.703(T):mwi activate, cdpn=48 via-cn='Hans' dest-cn='Hans' served=49 mc=6649 node=('root'=>'root')
    41:2247:130:6 - vm.703(T):deleting session

Known Problems

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