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Applies to

  • IP6013
  • V13


IP6013 owns two internal slots for M.2 SSD.

Slot interface is NVMe - non volatile memory express.

Slot formfactor is M.2 2242 M-Key - dimensioning 22mm*42mm.

Maximum power consumption per M.2 SSD is 2.5W.

SSD has to be plugged in outer slot SSD0. Use of secondary inner slot SSD1 is not supported.

innovaphone offers and supports M.2 SSD 512 GB with order no 03-00010-017.

Technical support in terms of investigation for other SSDs is not forseen.

Power supply

The device mandatorily requires Power over Ethernet+ supply according to IEEE 802.3at, Class 4 (PoE+) for operation.


Note: parts of the firmware are in prerelease status and available via beta store only. Use in live customer environments is not recommended and on own responsability.

Use following links to access respective stores:


Following firmware versions are available for the gateway itself:

  • V13r1: available via release store since V13r1sr25, build no 132894
  • V13r2: available via beta store, build no 135942

Application Platform

The device hosts an 64-bit-ARM-processor which requires adaption of V13 application platform to 64bit-architecture. Availability is planned with official release of V13r2.

Within beta store arm64-development version is available for use on own responsability.

Device operation with 13r1-firmware and 13r2-arm64-AP is possible but not supported.

Installation might be done with installer from beta store for 13r2 completely and afterwards manual firmware downgrade to 13r1.

Use cases

The device hosts 60 hardware digital signal processors for support of PCM traffic via PRI interfaces, audio faxes and audio conferencing.

Additionally it hosts 60 software conference channels for audio conferencing.

Cumulating hardware and software conference channels into a single room is not supported.

Use of features such as PBX-operation, PRI- and fax traffic, audio/video conferencing and Application Sharing influence the CPU load.

Exceeding the maximum CPU limit may lead to device outage.

innovaphone supports following use cases for IP6013:


  • operation of PBX-functionality
  • use HW-DSPs for PCM-Audio and Fax only
  • for conferencing use CONF or SCNF interface only

Gateway only

  • operation as gateway only without activated PBX functionality and no AP installed
  • use PRI-interfaces and HW-DSPs for S2M-Audio and Fax and SCNF for conferencing
  • or in case of no PRI/FAX traffic, both CONF and SCNF can be used for conferencing

Herefore mentioned basic conditions apply at any time for all kind of configurations and usecases.

Known Issues

  • FAX interface will provide audio-fax capabilities starting with 13r1sr26
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