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Different Reset Options of IPXXX

Applies To

This information applies to

  • All innovaphone IP-Phones and -Gateways with V10 boot code or higher

More Information

Options for resetting innovaphone devices and LED pattern are described

If the factory reset was not successful please contact

or look at Howto:Get Access to Gateways if the Assistant don't boot the device.

Reset options

There are different options for resetting innovaphone devices, they can be selected by holding reset for a specific time.

Time reset button pressed Action Remark ..
<1s Reset to normal firmware This is the "short" reset
1s..3s Reset to mini firmware This reset allows to recover from a bad firmware or a config causing problems with the normal firmware
3s..6s Reset to TFTP mode for GWLoad Deprecated, use the minifirmware whenever possible for recovery.
>6s Reset to factory default, enter TFTP mode for GWLoad

Please note: a Reset to factory default will erase all content from a Flash Disk (/DRIVE/FLASH). However, it will not touch the content of a CF-Card or SSD (/DRIVE/CF0).


On the Gateways the ready LED can be red, green or orange. On the Phones the MWI LED or the F1 LED on IP110 is used as ready LED during startup.

State Gateway LED-Pattern Phone LED-Pattern and Display Remark
Reset pressed Ready LED is blinking green 3 times per second MWI or F1 LED is blinking 3 times per second After 2 seconds and after 6s the on time of the LED is 666ms instead of 333ms.
Firmware or Minifirmware starting Ready LED is red MWI or F1 LED is red Firmware starting takes a few seconds
Firmware running Ready LED is green
Ready LED is blinking red
MWI or F1 LED depending on the phone state If the ready LED is blinking red a hardware module could not be initialized, a trace shows more details.
Minifirmware running Ready LED is blinking green for 900ms on and red for 100ms Minifirmware message is shown on the Display
Firmware update Ready LED is fast flashing green, 25 times per second Firmware update message is shown on the Display Do not interrupt a firmware update!
TFTP mode Ready LED is orange MWI or F1 LED is blinking green every 2seconds for 40ms TFTP mode is deprecated, use minifirmware for recovery whenever possible
Clear config Ready LED is fast flashing green, 25 times per second MWI or F1 LED is fast flashing red, 25 times per second Reseting to factory default needs up to 60 seconds, especially on devices with large flash like IP6010

IP1202 uses a 3 color LED and uses instead of green on the other gateway blue. When the firmware is running some more states are signaled with the LED:

  • LED blink fast red until ethernet link up
  • LED blink fast blue until Air Sync established
  • LED constant blue if Air Sync OK


On the gateway the reset button is a dedicated button. On the phones one of the keys functions during poweron as reset button. During normal operation the key works not as reset button. That means to activate the reset you need to poweron the phone (or trigger a reset on the webinterface) while pressing the phones reset key.

Phone Key Remark
IP110 Save-Key

Home-key (from HW 1212)

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