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A dedicated headset interface isn’t available on the IP100 but it is still possible to connect a headset.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP100

More Information

Problem Details

Because of the different audio interface on theIP100, a GN2100 could only be connected using an GN8000 amplifier. The missing headset connector is distributed by the GN8000. The amplifier splits the handset audio interface into a handset and headset interface.

System Requirements

  • GN2100 – GN Netcom Headset
  • GN8000 – GN Netcom Headset Amplifier


Setup the GN8000 following the instructions, insert batteries and install all cables as shown in the manual. Configuration

Set the Dip Switches and the potentiometer to the following values:

  • A-B-C Switch on Top
    • Position A
  • Potentiometer on Top
    • Position 7
  • Slideswitch on the right side
    • Position A

You can use the volume slider on top to in-/decrease the volume levels. To switch between the headset an handset use the right switch and for muting the microphone during a call use the left switch.

The GN8000 has the ability to indicate incoming calls with a red led inside the headset holder, which could be mounted on the back of the GN8000. Just insert the holder.

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