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With Version 5 Firmware the units you have received have been pre-licensed and you could obtain all purchased licenses by simply entering the MAC Address. Version 6 now has a completely different licensing model and thus the method of licensing has changed significantly. The units are not pre-licensed anymore. Instead of the pre-licensing, you receive an activation key, which contains all purchased licenses at one time.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • All innovaphone Hardware

Build 06-60400.02 and later.

More Information

Receiving the Activation Key

With shipment you receive an Activation Key which is a code consisting of an alpha-numeric code. This Activation Key comes in form of a License Key Certificate as well as the code printed on the shipping papers. The License Key Certificate contains the following information and looks like this:

Licenses: lists all licenses included in the activation key.

License Key: this is the actual Activation key

Order: innovaphone Order number

Reference: Customers order number

Customer: Name of the Customer who purchased the licenses

If you have a Scanner, you can scan the Activation Key as well.

The license certificate
The license certificate

Uploading the Activation Key:

You can access the License Manager either by following the link from the innovaphone Homepage, or by directly using

After entering your login name and password you see the following screen:

The license Manager Interface 1
The license Manager Interface 1

Please type in the activation key received with the License Key certificate and press “add”. If the activation key has been entered correctly the screen changes and you will be asked to confirm the upload of the activation key.

Afterwards the system again shows the number of activations, which have been in the activation key and as well your actual balance of licenses.

By pressing “Menu” you will return to the screen above.

Creating licenses:

Now you can start licensing the Products. To do this please enter the MAC Address of the unit plus the checksum (That’s the field in brackets) The MAC Address can be found on the sticker on the bottom of each innovaphone Product – newer products do have the checksum printed there as well but usually you see the checksum by accessing the unit via WEB Browser. The Checksum so far is optional. It is just an added safety feature to make sure the MAC Address is correct.

After entering the MAC Address, please press “License”. Now the following Screen appears:

The license Manager Interface 2
The license Manager Interface 2

Here you have the possibility to assign all licenses to the unit at one time. Aside the Information about End customer and Location you have 2 fields to enter optional comments .

Please note that only the maximum possible amount of licenses and license types will appear on a "per box" and "per already registered licenses" basis. This feature will ensure that wrong licensing or exceeding the maximum amount of licenses will not be possible anymore.

The following licenses are available in version 6 (for V7 license information, please refer to Reference7:Licenses):

Relay Gatekeeper: That is the Gatekeeper functionality
Registrations: not applicable for V6 (used to be the Gatekeeper function in V5)
Channels: DSP Channels (necessary for each call from PBX to an non-IP Interface)
BRIs: ISDN Basic Rate interface license
PRIs: ISDN Primary Rate interface license
ABs: Analogue interface license
PBX Base: PBX6#15 (15 Registration Basic License)(Example for the general Syntax)

PBX6#30@15 (Basic Upgrade License from 15 to 30 registrations) (Example for the general Syntax)

Voicemail: PBX-Voicemail#15 (15 Registration Basic License)

PBX-Voicemail#30@15 (Basic Upgrade License from 15 to 30 registrations)

Registrations: Number of PBX Registrations you want to upload. (please note that the number must not be higher than

the size of the Basic License, as the PBX will not allow more registrations than that, regardless of the number of registrations licensed!)

Operators: PBX-Operator license
Softphones: PBX-SoftwarePhone License
DECT Multicell: DECT Multicell License (Max. Count 1 – has to be uploaded to the Master IP1200 in a Multi Cell Environment.

After you have controlled your licensing and information, please press “Assign”. The amount of licenses will be shown again and you will be asked to confirm the decision. After confirming, the license can be downloaded.

Please be careful when you license your unit! Licenses cannot be changed once the license has been created and downloaded!

Advanced functions of the License Manager:

You have the following options here:

Change Password: possibility to change your initially selected password

Create activation key for another user: this option gives you the possibility to pass licenses to resellers or End users. The strategy is the same as with licensing. You simply select the amount of licenses you want to give away, press “assign” and copy and paste the created activation key.

View activations: Lists all activations ever uploaded to the account

View Balance: Gives you an overview of the availability of licenses in your account as well as the total number uploaded and the number of already used licenses.

View licenses: Shows all licenses created and gives further options

View transfer activation Key: Shows all the Activation Keys you have created including the information if they are already assigned and by whom.

View Licenses:

If you select that option, the following screen appears:

The license Manager Interface 3
The license Manager Interface 3

Enduser field:

This is an option, where you can add the email address of your end customer. Please note: The email Address must be a valid innovaphone License manager account! By adding an email address here, the account that belongs to the email address entered now sees this license and is able to download it as well.

Action field:

Here you can do several things with the existing license: - download the license file - add licenses to this unit - add a comment. - Move the licenses to a different unit. Status: shows the actual status the hardware is in. The following states are implemented so far: - OK (standard) - RMA (Unit has been sent in to be repaired.

Special Function MOVE:

This functionality has to be enabled by innovaphone and a contract has to be made between the 2 companies. Please note: If the unit, the licenses of which have been moved, is not returned to innovaphone within four weeks after the moving, the licenses moved will be considered purchased and invoiced by innovaphone. To move a license, simply click on “move” and enter the MAC Address of the new unit and press “Move”. You will have to confirm. After the confirmation, the license is moved. The new license shows the information “copy of xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx”. The original MAC Address will show “moved to xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx)

Status RMA:

After returning a unit for repair, the MAC Address will be changed automatically to “01-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) and the status will change to RMA. That way you can monitor sent in units at any time. Behind the MAC Address of the sent in unit appears the following text: “Assign to new macaddress“ and the status changes to “RMA”. After receiving the replacement unit, you can simply move the licenses to the MAC Address of the replacement unit, by clicking on this text and entering the MAC Address of the unit received as a replacement.

Additional information:

Groups: The new version of the license manager includes the function to build groups. Groups can combine all License manager accounts of the same company within one group. That means that all members can see all licenses, download them and have access to the Balance of the group. Groups have to be set up by innovaphone.

MAC Address check: it is not possible anymore to assign licenses to “wrong” Mac Addresses. The license manager checks the logic of the MAC Address (00-90-33-xx-xx-xx) and the spelling (xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx). All other dictions will be rejected.

Errors in licensing: innovaphone does not delete licenses or refund wrongly assigned licenses except impossible licenses. Impossible licenses for example are:

- Analogue interfaces on a unit that does not support them - BRI interfaces on a unit that does not support them - PRI interfaces on a unit that does not support them - PBX Basic license on a unit that does not support the PBX functionality - Double PBX Basic licenses of the same size on the same unit - Double Voicemail licenses of the same size on the same unit.

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