Howto:How to interwork with a Hicom 150/HiPath 3000

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Siemens Hicom 300 series (HiPath4000 series) PBXs support QSIG based internetworking by means of Cornet-NQ. However, Hicom 150 series (HiPath3000 series) PBXs do not support Cornet-NQ.

However, Hicom 150 PBXs can be trunked via IP or can interwork with innovaphone PBXs using straight QSIG. In addition to basic call, name display is available in this configuration.

Applies To

All innovaphone ISDN gateways and Hicom 150 / HiPath 3000 series PBXs.

More Information


The Hicom 150 must be set to ISO-QSIG, CR=2, CHI=S2.

The innovaphone gateway ISDN interface protocol must be set to ECMA2.

When interworking with an innovaphone PBX, do not forget to check the “interworking” flags at the respective route maps in the gateway configuration.

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