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Maintenance issues and Softwarephones necessitate the creation of a VPN connection from Windows Hosts to an innovaphone gateway. Therefore an PPTP server and Client is needed. Windows does already contain a client software for PPTP connections and innovaphone gateways are equipped with both, server and client.


Applies To

This information applies to

All innovaphone devices

Build 05-5860 and later.

More Information

Problem Details

To integrate a Softwarephone or PC for maintenance in the gateways network environment it may be necessary to establish a VPN connection. Here is how windows dialup networking can interoperate with innovaphone's VPN implementation so that Windows workstations can dial in to an innovaphone box.

System Requirements

Windows Host with the ability to create VPN network connections (normally every Windows version).

An innovaphone Gateway.

innovaphone V5 Configuration

PPP interface

  • Configure a PPP interface for server mode.
  • Open the configuration applet of the appropriate gateway, go to IP Interfaces and select an unused PPP Interface.
Ports for PPP

In the right frame in “Ports for PPP” select “PPTP” in the Pulldown Menu. Change the following options differing from the defaults.

  • Enable Allow incoming calls
  • Enable Enable Encryption, the Encryption options will be enabled automatically. No need to change it!
  • Enable Exclude from NAT
  • Enable No IP header compression
Remote IP Address
  • Enable “Assign remote IP address”
  • enter an IP address for the Windows Host. Remember that this is the virtual IP address for the PPP connection.
Incoming Calls
  • Enter an username and password for the connection.

innovaphone V6 Configuration

The configuration of the PPP interface didn't change much, when using V6 firmware. Below you will find a default configuration of a PPTP server. This setup will work in most scenarios. For more explanations on the various options, please refer to the corresponding help page.

Image:Howto setup a Windows VPN connection for innovaphone PPTP server1.PNG

Windows Workstation Configuration

Create a standard VPN connection.

Therefore go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> New Connection Wizard, a new window will pop up. Confirm the assistant with Next. Select the second option Connect to the network at my workplace and confirm with Next. In the next screen select Virtual Private Network connection and confirm.

Enter a meaningful name for the connection like VPN innovaphone and confirm. If already a PPP connection is available on your PC, the assistant asks for an Startup connection. Select Do not dial the initial connection and confirm.

Now enter the IP address of the innovaphone gateway and select in the next screen whether you want to use this connection only for you or for all users on this PC.

Click Finish on the last screen to complete the installation.


To establish an PPTP connection to your innovaphone gateway go to Start -> Connect to -> and select your connection as named before (VPN innovaphone in this case).

Enter the usename and password in the popup window as entered in the gateway configuration.

Click on the Connect button and wait until the connection is established. In Start -> Connect to -> Show all connections you can see the state of your connections.

To disconnect right-click on VPN innovaphone or on the icon in the system tray and select Disconnect.

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