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ilink TeamCall for is supported for innovaphone IPVA telephony systems with innovaphone station devices. CTI connection between ilink service and IPVA is established through innovaphone Tapi Service Provider (TSP).

Certification Status

The tests for this product have been completed by ilink Quality Assurance in April 2019.

No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Software/product versions tested


  • TeamCall v5.1.15
  • TeamCall Server v3.8.1.0
  • CA Innovaphone v2.0.0.31
  • LinkTSP v2.0.0.23


  • IPVA v12r2 sr10 (12.5340)
  • Tapi/TSP v8.0.176

Test setup/configuration

See basic deployment setup sketch below. All tests have been performed by ilink Professional Services team in ilink QA lab, using on-premises services. Innovaphone IPVA switch with

  • provider-based SIP trunk connection to PSTN
  • 3 innovaphone station devices, types: 112, 222, 232
  • Innovaphone Tapi Service Provider (TSP). ipva setup documentation:

ilink TeamCall innovaphone TAPI Setup

  • ilink OpenCTI service, running in a WildFly application server
  • ilink TeamCall Server with CA-Innovaphone and LinkTSP
  • test accounts (3)

Test results

ilink Quality Assurance

Acceptance Test Suite for: TeamCall for v5.1.15-1.48 modes: Lightning, Classic / Innovaphone IPVA v12r2 - April 2019

Tested feature Section Test result
MakeCall internal calls - GUI passed
AnswerCall internal calls - GUI passed
ClearConnection internal calls - GUI passed
ClearConnection - Ringing internal calls - GUI passed
HoldCall internal calls - GUI passed
RetrieveCall internal calls - GUI passed
ConsultationCall internal calls - GUI passed
TransferCall internal calls - GUI passed
TransferCall on alerting internal calls - GUI passed
ConferenceCall internal calls - GUI passed
MakeCall external calls - GUI passed
AnswerCall external calls - GUI passed
ClearConnection external calls - GUI passed
ClearConnection - Ringing external calls - GUI passed
HoldCall external calls - GUI passed
RetrieveCall external calls - GUI passed
ConsultationCall external calls - GUI passed
TransferCall external calls - GUI passed
TransferCall on alerting external calls - GUI passed
ConferenceCall external calls - GUI passed
Latest call features passed
Wrap-up incomplete features passed
My calls today features passed

note: in internal/external conference call scenarios, the GUI displays an incorrect call state due to a TSP signaling issue

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