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Applies to

Windows launcher versions of innovaphone UC clients

  • myPBX since firmware version 10
  • myApps since firmware version 13

More Information

External applications can be integrated in innovaphone UC clients myPBX and myPBX.

Those can be locally installed PC-applications as well as web applications.

Upon incoming and outgoing call, such applications may be opened and call-parameters can be handed over optionally.



  • Right Click on myPBX – Configuration – External Application
  • Enter the name of the external app (which will be seen as tooltip of the external app button).
  • Paste the path of the external app into the field “Path”. It can be both the URL of a web application ($n) or the path of a desktop application installed on the local computer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe)
  • Optionally specify command line parameters for Desktop Apps into the field “Parameters”.
  • Save the changes.


The Path and the Parameters may contain placeholders that are replaced by phone call information.

   $n - phone number of the caller
   $u - uri of the caller
   $d - display name of the caller
   $c - conference ID (a global ID for the call) 

Now you will get the "start external application" button in every conversation or interaction field.

Image:Eigener Screenshot_mit Buttonhinweis_EN.jpg


  • Settings via burger menu / Settings / More / External Applications
  • Several may be configured in parallel
  • Set name which is displayed in PhoneApp-button upon call
  • Set URL or path to application
  • Set parameter string
  • Optionally choose if application shall be autostarted upon call

For help, press questionmark icon



3rd party input
this is 3rd party content not provided by innovaphone, see history for authors.

Outlook Journal

Tested with: myPBX V11 / Outlook 2010

   Path: ...\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE
   Parameters:  /c ipm.activity /m bla?subject=Telefongespräch%20mit%20$n


Tested with: myPBX V11 / Firefox V.38

   Path: ...\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
   Parameters e.G.:  http://xxxx/$n/xxxx


Tested with: myPBX V11 / Windows 7

   Path: ...\Windows\notepad.exe
   Parameters e.G.:  C:\$d.txt

Open the default email client during a call and use the callinfo in the email

Tested with: myPBX V12, V13 and myApps V13r1 / Windows 10

   Path: notification from $u $d tel:$n&body=Hello, %0A%0APlease call back to $u $d tel:$n  %0A%0AKind regards, %0AYour Name

Open WhatsApp during a call to send a message to your caller during or after the call using the available callinfo and a personal note

Tested with: myApps V13r2 / Windows 10 / WhatsApp Windows (web version not possible)


Open a webbased CRM or Public website to search on a number

Tested with: myPBX V12, V13 and myApps V13r1 / Windows 10

   General example             Path:$n
   Deutschland Das Telefonbuch Path:$n
               Das Oertliche   Path:$n
   Nederland Gebeld.NL (*)     Path: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
                               parameters: "$n&searchfield1=fullnumber&action=Zoeken"
   Schweiz           Path:$n
   Östenreich        Path:$n
   Danmark            Path:$n/firmaer

(*) URLs containing "&" have to be executes via chrome.exe and to be put in quotes to avoid interpretation by chromium.

Open the Outlook client during a call and use the callinfo in the Calendar appointment

Tested with: V13 and myApps V13r1 / Windows 10

   Path e.g. : C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE 
   Parameters e.G.: /c ipm.appointment /m " ?subject=call to tel:$I &body=Can we meet please call to tel:$I"

Open a customer chart in Microsoft Dynamics Navision (local installed client application) during a call or with the start of the call

Tested with: myApps V13r1sr21 / Windows 10 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Version BE Dynamics NAV 11.0 11.0.28629.0

   Path e.g. : dynamicsnav://customername-nav:7146/customername_live/customername/runpage?page=21&$filter='Phone No.' IS '$I'

$I at the end of the line is the variable that represents the telephone number in international format E164 eg 3164133xxxx

Search on telephone number within CRM or other application on

Tested with: myApps V13r1sr26 / Windows 10 and already logged-in on the website

   Path to search within all zoho applications e.g. :$I    replace /org12345678901234/ with your own organisation-id
   Path to search within your zoho CRM contacts only e.g. :$I&s=crm

$I at the end of the line is the variable that represents the telephone number in international format E164 eg 31653394xxx

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