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Last call recording, sometime named also as “Last call repeat” allows quick and simple control of the last call.

In the download package you will find also a XML file named “TCRec.xml”. That xml is used only in combination with the innovaphone recording solution, and has nothing to do with LCR (but with the TCR feature).


Applies To

This information applies to

  • Tested and supported on the innovaphone PBX V10, should work even with V9
  • Requires innovaphone IP-Phones
  • Build 1001


“Last Call Recording” is a well-known issue for voice recording systems.

This feature works for free and independently of a eventual installed innovaphone voice recording solution (but is particularly interesting for that type of scenarios).

The problem for the customer is that he wants replay quick and simple the last recorded conversation, for example to hear again a number or similar.

Typically all conversations are recorded (or at least all external calls) and the user has on his innovaphone IP-Phone a clear labeled feature key (like “Repeat last call” or similar). So he has just to press this key and he will hear the last conversation. All that without using any computer or web interface, just using the phone. The call will be repeated automatically (auto looping) until the user release.

More Information

The directory structure is the same as the one used in the innovaphone voice mail, the last conversation will be stored in the user directory, subdirectory “personal” in a file called LCR.g711a or LCR.g729.

So if you have already running a innovaphone VM you simple copy the XML in the same directory where the VM.xml is located and there will be not created additional directories but used the jet existing one. Nice.

The codec is fixed with G711a or G.729, therefore the xml should be called with the option “?$_pbxcoder=g711a” or “?$_pbxcoder=g729”, see installation paragraph.

The very first time the user (or you) must call the xml to create the directories (if you do not use the VM), so just call the number of the xml and the feature is on.

The recording of the conversation can be done manually (pressing the redial key during conversation) or automatically for each call (Transparent) and can be interrupted pressing the redial key during recording.

Remember that each time you stop recording and start it again the recording will start again and overwrite the last record.


Install xml LCR.xml in a directory in the CF (if you have a VM in the directory where the VM.XML is in).

Create in you PBX a VM Object (no license is necessary to do that), assign a number and put in the Voicemail tab in the line Script url the path to your xml. If you have for example your xml in the VM directory the url will be similar to$_pbxcoder=g711a


Now set up your IP-Phone, assign a feature key and in the recoding section point on the number of your vm object.


In the example the number of the LCR-VM object is 26, mode transparent (feature on for all calls) but just for the external one.

The external flag could be interesting because the user can call an internal number (for help at example) and after repeat the last external registration.

But even better: if the recording is on just for external calls (or it is on just manually) you can call an internal number, but the call on hold, call the xml and hear the last record. If you transfer the call in this situation or active a 3-party conference the recording can be shared with colleague.

Known Problems

The maximal length of the recoding is 100 minutes (you can modified that is you like), important things typically are announced in seconds and not in minutes. Remember also that this is a “add on feature” of an eventual running innovaphone recoding solution, and the records done there are independent from this feature.

If you active transparent recording for all calls (internal and external) the feature can be used just for interfacing the recording tool. This limit is because if you call the xml in the same time the phone tries to record even that call.

Note that the Thread call recording feature will work just after a call if you use the LCR option here described (but in any case if that is the issue it is not really a limitation we guess).


  • Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.

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