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SIP Provider: Legos

The provider has achieved 81,67% of all possible test points (98 on total of 120 Points). For more information on the test rating, please refer to Test Description

  • Features:
    • Direct Dial In
    • Fax over IP (T.38)
    • DTMF (Sip-info not supported)
    • Redundancy Mechanism

  • Supported Codecs by the provider
    • G711 a/u
    • G729
    • T.38 UDP

Current test state

Image:Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized in May, 2012.

Testing Enviroment

Scenario NAT


This scenario describes a setup where the PBX and phones are in a private network. The IP800 should use a stun server, in order to send correct SIP - messages. Media-relay on IP800 SIP Trunk Interface to provider is also required, all RTP-streams go through the PBX.

Test Results

For more information on the test procedure, please read the following wiki article: SIP Interop Test Description. Bold lines in the test results indicate a KO-criteria.

Basic Call

Tested feature Result
Call using g711a OK
Call using g711u OK
Call using g723 NOK
Call using g729 OK
Call using g722 NOK
Overlapped sending NOK
Early media channel OK
Fax using T.38 OK
CGPN can be suppressed NOK
CLIP no screening NOK
Reverse Media Negotiation NOK
Long time call possible OK
External Transfer OK
NAT Detection NOK
Voice Quality OK? OK
Redundancy Mechanism OK

Direct Dial In

Tested feature Result
Inbound(Provider -> Innovaphone) OK
Outbound(Innovaphone -> Provider) OK


Tested feature Result
DTMF tones sent correctly OK
DTMF tones sent correctly via SIP-Info NOK
DTMF tones received correctly OK


Tested feature Result
Call can be put on hold OK
Held end hears music on hold / announcement from PBX OK

Transfer with consultation

Tested feature Result
Call can be transferred OK
Held end hears music on hold OK

Transfer with consultation (alerting only)

Tested feature Result
Call can be transferred OK
Held end hears music on hold or dialling tone OK
Call returns to transferring device if the third Endpoint is not available OK

Blind Transfer

Tested feature Result
Call can be transferred OK
Held end hears dialling tone NOK

Broadcast Group & Waiting Queue

Tested feature Result
Caller can make a call to a Broadcast Group OK
Caller can make a call to a Waiting Queue OK
Announcement if nobody picks up the call OK


Firmware version

All innovaphone devices use V9hf12 as firmware.

SIP - Trunk

Here's the configuration of the SIP gateway interface.


LEGOS awaits in the From Header the complete Calling Party Number(CGPN). The default innovaphone setting is to not send the complete CGPN in the FROM - Header, but in the Preffered Identity Header. Change the setting From Header: to CGPN in user part of URI.

Number Mapping


Route Settings

LEGOS, as most SIP Providers do, doesn't support overlap sending. You must enable the enblock sending of the phone number. You can do this by enabling Force enblock in the appropriate outgoing Route.

The second setting you must check is Interworking(QSIG,SIP). This feature must be enabled to properly relay supplementary services, like Hold over the SIP Trunk. If this check-box is unchecked only basic call Information like connect and disconnect will be forwarded by the Gateway.


Known Issues

We encountered some problems on receiving faxes over T.38 if also the sender were using T.38. Disabling t.38 on the sender side (t.38 wasn't necessary as the fax was sent via ISDN) solved the problem.

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