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Product Name

Mida Rec

Certification Status

Image:Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized December 1st, 2007.



  • Digital Voice Recording
  • Reliable storage systems
  • CTI call tagging
  • Quick and secure call Retrieve
  • Lawful interception





MidaRec is one product of the powerful Mida i-Suite. Mida i-Suite is an integrated software Framework that provides Value Added Services capable to enhance Telephone Voice Applications performances. The following Mida i-Suite products that have been certified in the Innovaphone environment: Mida Billing, Mida VoiceAttendant, MidaRec, MidaQueueManager, MidaBilling Please refer to the related Wiky article for more information on the other Mida products.

MidaRec is a professional product which performs voice recording of telephony conversations in VoIP networks, using reliable storage systems, and allowing quick and secure search process, thanks to call tagging with telephony and custom data. MidaRec powerful and high quality voice logging system can satisfy requirements of enterprises, banks, call centers, telecom operators, telecom equipment providers, with several benefits:

  • Reduces exposure to liability with compliance with industry guidelines and legislation
  • Resolves disputes or misunderstandings, related to verbal advice or instructions
  • Can be used for training of call center operators
  • Allow performance or activity monitoring
  • Traps abuse or nuisance calls
  • Performs lawful interception

Flexible and modular architecture allows to connect mixed protocols nodes (TDM/VoIP) and to use different procedures:

  • On Demand Recording (Active Procedure): recording is started and stopped directly by the agent (by using call conference or an integrated CTI button). During the recording session, it is possible to send configurable voice messages to the caller (this is requested by legislation in many European Countries).
  • Total Recording (Passive Procedure): all conversation can be recorded automatically, with no limitation on call tagging and quick search functionalities (availability depends on technology)

Recorded Data are stored, together with the telephony and custom data tags, first in the Hard Disk, and then transferred to DVD for archiving. Professional Data Base is used, to have the higher reliability and efficiency.

All the recording process (voice messages, data base configuration, telephony and custom data to be used as tags) is fully configurable with an easy to use WEB interface.

Search and replay may be easily performed with different interfaces, i.e. telephone and WEB browser, allowing remote and secure access: multi-level authentication are used, while quick data search is possible, using the telephony and custom data previously stored with the Recording as filtering criteria.

Access policies are fully configurable to suit legislation or company rules.

Competitive Analysis

MidaRec has different unique features, which make it the perfect choice for your needs:

  • Configurable Voice Messages to be used during the Recording session, by means of an easy to use WEB interface
  • Licensing model that allows aggressive and competitive pricing
  • Professional solution, by using the best technology – DVD recording, CTI interface, high efficiency DataBase
  • Localization and multi language support

Thanks to its experience, Mida may offer different advanced services on this product:

  • Full support and maintenance services depending on your requests and SLA
  • Consultancy and Project management for system design and integration with specific applications or network protocols
  • Report Customization
  • Content analysis with ASR tools based on Loquendo ( engines


  • easy to configure
  • simple but straightforward voice recording solution

For a detailed analysis of the product please have a look at the Mida i-Suite - Mida Solutions - Testreport.


Thanks to Mida Experience on this technology area, Mida Rec has a very aggressive pricing.

Prices starts from around 3,5K€ for the Smart Rec solution, and from less than 11K€ for the Professional Rec version (end user prices). Several Options are then available to make the solution unique and perfectly tailored to your customer needs.


Marco Cortese
Mida Solutions
via Vigonovese, 115
35127, Padova
Tel: +39 049 760 185 / +39 049 762 9752
Fax: +39 049 870 8721
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