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Product Name


Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

First evaluation was concluded on April 2014; an update evaluation was performed on April 2017.


Alarm system/server solutions


Comprehensive personal safety, efficient and reliable communication in emergencies, specific alerting in disaster situations, fast evacuation of buildings, monitoring of production facilities and technical components, optimization of work processes and extensive reporting and statistical functions – for the varied requirements made on an alerting, conference and multimedia messaging platform.

Fields of application:

  • Mobilization and evacuation
  • Voice-recording, Web-playback
  • Alerting & Emergency calls
  • Voice-mail, IVR, Minibar, Babyphone
  • Hotline & Conference
  • Customer-specific applications
  • Lone workers' protection & Localization
  • Task-management, 4G/Wi-Fi Client applications

MobiCall connection via SIP and SOAP interfaces is certified by Innovaphone.

The following features are supported:

  • Display text and on the innovaphone IP-Phones
  • Call interruption and call intrusion
  • Loudspeaker broadcast
  • Confirmation possibilities for incoming messages
  • Call recording
  • Textmessaging
  • PBX interface monitoring
  • Localisation
  • Technical alarm indicating radio connection loss or Handset out of service

Flyer - Integration of innovaphone communication solutions

Flyer - PNA Personal Alarm System


  • innovaphone PBX and innovaphone IP-phones V12 RS8.2
  • New Voice MobiCall NV 8_2_0_20170316, WEB v8.1.2-20170316, Announcement-Package AddOn 04.04.2014



New Voice International AG

The Swiss company New Voice International AG has been developing high-quality solutions in the fields of security, telecommunication and IT since 1991. With more than 6,000 successfully implemented systems all over the world, NV is the leading provider in the field of Unified Event Communication.

The main product is MobiCall, since it guarantees an individually tailored solution in terms of alerting, mobilisation, evacuation, information distribution and monitoring in professional environments.

More than 60 employees around the world are collaborating in the development, sales, project management, installation and support departments in order to create reliable and innovative products combined with user-friendly interfaces.


In a critical situation or in case of an incident, seconds may be crucial to saving lives, preventing production downtimes or securing buildings and their technical infrastructure.

New Voice MobiCall is an alerting, information, evacuation and conference system that enables fast and efficient transmission of information. In addition, systems and processes can be monitored. Due to the comprehensive interconnection between machines, appliances, sensors and responsible personnel, MobiCall enables the direct transmission of important process data, critical threshold values and technical and operational alarms. The versatile solution offers a wide range of interfaces, integrations and transmission channels and includes functions for personal safety, display and conference management. Based on events, the solution can interactively alert staff and external units in charge either individually or by groups, using all known media available via voice, text, image and video messages.

A major added value of the solution is that all conceivable channels can be provided to trigger an alarm. Standardised and manufacturer-specific interfaces allow full integration of existing emergency call systems, production facilities, hazard alert systems, building automation systems, IT components and process control systems. The system enables an efficient information distribution based on time and calendar, which can be flexibly adjusted to on-call duty lists or duty rosters.

Depending on the alarm configuration, the information can be transmitted based on skills and priorities and either simultaneously or sequentially. Moreover, MobiCall supports internal watchdog monitoring, automatic backups and comprehensive reporting and statistical functions.

All scenarios can be configured and administered, centralised or decentralised, using the MobiCall application. The web-based management tool features an innovative "drag & drop" configurator. This solution provides IT administrators and users responsible for groups and specific areas with intuitive and clearly structured options for configuring the personal data and the alarm parameters. The multi-client capability allows different areas to manage their own alarm organisations independently by means of differentiated access authorisations.

Moreover, external databases can be connected. This allows the use of existing master data for automatic import, which reduces administrative expense. As a professional safety solution, MobiCall can also be operated with a redundant set-up with increased performance and failure safety. MobiCall geo-clustering also enables redundancy across several locations.


  • Contact interfaces for IP WAGO-I/O system
  • Serial connections over ESPA 4.4.4 and ESPA+
  • GenericPrinter Protocol
  • IP integration over Modbus, BACnet and KNX
  • OPC
  • SNMP traps
  • XML
  • e-mail ( e.g. Nagios)
  • HL7
  • etc.

Competitive Analysis

Alarm and event management are our core business. We support a wide range of systems and integrations. Over 60 employees around the world guarantee an unrivalled service and flexibility. We only uses components that meet our high quality standards and have undergone comprehensive testing by our experts. The extremely functional and high-performance New Voice Application Generator and New Voice Designer are the fundament of the applications. When developing the user interface (system, Web, telephone, communication process management) for individual services, we pay great attention to user-friendliness, functionalism and portability between different operating systems.

Return on investment is protected, since the MobiCall platform can be easily expanded at any time upon the customer's request by adding modules.

Sector-specific applications


  • Nurse call system connection
  • Integration of bed-site monitors
  • Eloper alarm transmission
  • Silent fire alarm
  • Reanimation, C-section and heart alarm
  • Emergency call terminals integration
  • MCI alerting
  • Monitoring of the infrastructure


  • First-aiders emergency call
  • Lone workers’ safeguarding
  • Fire alarm
  • ITC monitoring
  • Business continuity planning
  • Technical components monitoring
  • Workflow optimisation

Rescue services

  • Emergency call centre
  • Set-up of control centres
  • Call recording
  • Availability alarm
  • Info hotline
  • Set-up of conferences

Public institutions

  • Office workplaces safeguarding
  • Field representatives’ protection
  • Crisis and disaster alerting
  • Emergency conferences
  • Threat calls recording
  • Citizens’ hotline


  • Crisis and fire alerting
  • Buildings evacuation
  • Incident management
  • Call-up of crisis teams
  • Monitoring of devices
  • Books alert
  • Workflow optimisation


  • Rapid response gateway
  • Hotel Management Software connection
  • Mini-bar management
  • Evacuation in case of fire
  • Task management
  • Wake-up call and baby-phone
  • Improving of communication processes

Finance and Service

  • Fire alarm
  • Info hotline
  • Incident management
  • Silent alarm
  • Patrols
  • Building automation system

Municipal utilities and energy providers

  • Disaster alert
  • Info hotline
  • Mobilisation of on-call services
  • Set-up of control centres
  • Buildings evacuation
  • Personal security
  • Monitoring of machines
  • Transmission of measurement data


  • Test report of innovaphone PBX and New Voice MobiCall according the test plan created by New Voice. For detailed information contact newVoice by email / phone +41 58 750 11 11.
  • The test were successful and all required tests were passed. As a result newVoice MobiCall qualifies as an Alarm system/server solutions Referral Product
  • Technology Partner Certificate issued by NewVoice on 08.05.2014


Please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone +41 58 750 11 10.


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