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Product Name

OptiCaller for innovaphone

Certification Status

The tests for this product have been completed.

Testing of this product has been finalized for iOS and Android on November 15, 2011.


Systems that provide PBX-Extension Features to (GSM) mobile phones


  • Software for mobile PBX
  • 2-stage-dialing
  • DTMF-Features
  • Call Back via IP (Data Call Back)
  • Call Through via IP (Data Call Through)
  • Mobile Least Cost Routing









The OptiCaller application is designed primarily for mobile phones. It allows the user to make calls in a flexible, and above all, more cost-effective manner. It also makes it easy to manage PBX functions, e.g. call diversions, signing in or out of groups etc directly from a mobile phone.

Operator and system neutral

The architecture is operator independent, which means that the application works regardless of mobile operator. The application has very flexible configuration options and is adaptable to suite the majority of telephone exchanges on the market. Configuration and deployment of clients (OTA) is easily handled by a powerful provisioning system.

Mobile Extension (MEX)

OptiCaller greatly simplifies the use of the Mobile Extension feature where the mobile phone becomes an extension in the PBX. Using OptiCaller the user can call in the usual way and dial numbers manually, from the phone book or call history. OptiCaller then, transparently to the user, connects calls via the switchboard to the destination.

Mobile Least Cost Routing (LCR)

OptiCaller always takes control over how each call is connected and is thus giving the user the opportunity to call in the most cost efficient way. By choosing between calling directly, through the switch, Call-Back or Mobile VoIP, call costs can often be reduced by average 50%.


OptiCaller is designed for Symbian, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 6.X. Windows Phone is available in end of Q3 2012.

OptiCaller Academy - free 2 hours web-based technical training

OptiCaller Academy is our 2 hours web-based technical training for our distributors and also for there resellers and end customers. During this session we discuss the customer value with OptiCaller: - Call optimization (decrease the mobile phone bill with 40-95%) - ONE Number and ONE Voicemail services - PBX features in the mobile phone The most of the time we demonstrate our app management system which could be used for: - customer management (the system is design for both distributors, resellers and enterprise and end user) - license management (The OptiCaller client is offered in two ways. Either as a “Software as Service” license with a period of 12, 24, 36 or 60 months. During the license period the user can freely transfer his/her license to a new handset. OptiCaller is also available as a product with unlimited license period and can then be used on the same handset for an unlimited time.) - configuration and provisioning (from our cloud based app management system it's possible to configure the OptiCaller client in a simple way. A couple of pre configure "innovaphone PBX template" is also available. After adding OptiCaller users and put in right setting the system send out the OptiCaller cliens with an SMS link for download of the OptiCaller client with settings and license key.) - monitoring (the IT administrator or PBX installer will in the monotoring display see if a user has install the OptiCaller client or not. This saves a lot of time and decrease the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) a lot compare with other GSM clients there the user need to to a lot of manually things.

After participate "OptiCaller Academy" and have a signed distributor or reseller contract with our distributor you will have full access to . It is very easy to send out OptiCaller Try & Buy mobile clients to your customers. Normally 90-95% of the Try & Buy user will extend the license to a real license.

In OptiCaller Software webpage you will see when the next training (normally 2-3 times per months) session is and you could also here apply.

If you would like to have a OptiCaller 30 minutes introduction meeting please contact Mattias Hansson


  • Mobile Phone Client for innovaphone Mobility Functions (mobility Licence on the PBX required)
  • 2-stage-dialling (Call-Through) with DTMF (13-14 seconds for call setup)
  • CallBack via IP or SMS
  • Using of PBX DTMF-Features without connect is possible

Additional to the tested Android and iPhone versions, Opticaller has commercial client for Blackberry and Symbian.

Free OptiCaller clients for internal use is available for all innovaphone reseller and distributor which has participating the OptiCaller training.

OptiCaller Try&Buy licenses (1 months license) is also free and available for end customers. This license could easily be transfer to a real OptiCaller license.

For more information on this client, please contact Opticaller directly.


Contact OptiCaller Software for free trials. Phone +46702121259


OptiCaller Software, Sales Contact

Mattias Hansson

Tel: +46702121259
Fax: +4684440451



Exclusive Networks Deutschland GmbH

Tel: +49 251 97410-0
Fax: +49 251 97410-10


Exclusive Networks Austria GmbH

Tel: +43 336 0 337 - 0
Fax: +43 336 0 337 - 11



Tel: +31 76 7660050
Fax: +32 93770750



Tel: +31 76 7660050
Fax: +32 93770750



Tel: +47 - 21 67 37 70
Fax: +47 - 21 67 37 71

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