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This information applies to

innovaphone PBX, V7 and later

More Information

Problem Details

Some customers require a Push to Talk feature. This essentially is a multi-party conference where all members are in mute-mode normally. Only if one member wants to speak, the PTT button will be pressed which turns off local-mute as long as the button is pushed.

System Requirements

You will need a PBX and a gateway with conferencing device. The endpoints you use must support auto-local-mute mode and PTT button.

Auto-local-mute is a feature where the device when initiating or receiving a conference call goes into mute mode initially. PTT Button is a button on the device that switches mute mode off as long as the button is pressed.


In an innovaphone PBX setup, you would create a PBX Conference object and tick the Allow Announcement Calls or Call always as Announcement Call check mark.

The PTT session can be initiated by any device that is able to call into the conference object. If it supports announcement calls, the auto-off-hook can be initiated call-by-call, if not, it will be done for each conference on this object.

Known Problems

innovaphone IP phones have the auto-local-mute function, but they don't have a PTT button (as it does not make too much sense for fixed line devices). You can however use the microphone key to turn on/off mute. There are handsets available in the market which have a PTT button and should be compatible with fixed line innovaphone IP phones (ckl 16:15, 4 February 2010 (CET) we are in the process of evaluating this - stay tuned).

There is currently no known solution for the IP72. You may want to have a look at Ascom's i75 though.

PTT Headsets

There are a number of Jabra headsets that support PTT. The Mute button can be configured using the Jabra Direct software. After configuration, the headset can also be used with phones with USB connection. Please note that the headsets do PTT internally in the control unit and do not pass it on to e.g. the softphone. This has the advantage that the phone can be used for normal non-PTT conversations with the handset.

Jabra has named the following headsets:

  • Jabra Engage 50 + Jabra Engage Link
  • Jabra Biz 2300
  • Jabra Biz 2400II CC
  • Jabra Link 260

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