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Product Name

Samwin Contact Center Suite 5.1

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized February 7th, 2011.


Inbound-/Outbound Call Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR


  • Call Center Application


Short summary of the most famous features:

Standard console functions

  • Receive calls and transferring calls
  • Non consultation call
  • Call always returns to the same operator
  • Caller identification by name and number
  • Call hold
  • Conference
  • Call park with notification when retrieving the call from the parking position
  • Public system wide parking queue customizable
  • Directory lookup
  • Transfer to external subscribers
  • Search in multiple columns
  • Identification of call type (internal, external, no answer, busy, call back, etc.)
  • Arbitrary selection of calls in the waiting queue by the operator
  • Manual night service
  • Automatic night service

Professional console functions

  • Context-sensitive greeting texts (“telecomsoftware, How can I help you.”)
  • Different greeting texts for different trunks / members
  • Malicious call recording
  • Automatic mail to the supervisor in case of a recorded call
  • Automatic voice greeting with prerecorded announcements for each operator
  • Automatic voice greeting depending on time of day, caller id, trunk, called number, operator, etc.
  • Braille support (for visually impaired )
  • Multi-user, multi-site and multi-PBX support
  • Multi-customer support
  • Override call forward
  • Set call forward
  • Keyword database
  • Alternative extensions
  • Directory view restricted by the location of the console
  • Interposition calls/transfers
  • Graphical Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • BLF’s information is configurable (number, name, status, colors, appointments, etc.)
  • Supported extension status: idle, busy, dialing, ringing, etc.
  • BLF is synchronized with the directory (auto-scroll function)
  • BLF can be detached from the main console window and run on a 2nd screen or wall display
  • Busy information is shown not only in the BLF but also in all directory lists
  • Number in the extensions display shows the number of the external caller, not the number of the operator
  • Call history for frequent callers (3rd call for today, last call to xxxxxxx, at xxxx)
  • Powerful SQL-based directory, up to 20 hierarchy levels, auto synchronization with master database
  • One click transfer to alternative targets, like cell phone, mailbox, home number, etc.
  • Identification of all callers via area code database
  • Integration of telephone book CD APIs with reverse lookup function (e.g. Swisscom Directory, KlickTel, etc.)
  • Supports GSM cell phones and any other external phone for night service
  • Configurable waiting time between each call


telecommunication software gmbh


This solution was tested by telecommunication software .

SAMwin CCO version 5.1 R2 (version 5.1.11.) tested with innovaphone PBX

The hot standby solution from telecommunication software was not conceptional implemented by the time of writing, thus it shows "not available" in the testreport.


Howto:SAMwin: Potential problem with media negotiation


For further informations on this test, please contact the vendor directly.

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