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When myApps is running on a mobile phone in background mode, it must be woken up in order to receive the call. This is done using the push mechanism in both iOS and Android. Here is how to debug it when incoming calls are not received.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone PBX and myApps client with 13r1 firmware



  • Firmware version 13r1sr15 [132455] or higher
  • Internet access via HTTPS and able to resolve
  • Make sure that the local Firewall allows wss/ws (websocket) traffic to/from

myApps for iOS or Android

  • v13r1sr15 for myApps


  • iOS Version 12.0.1 or higher
  • Android Version 6.0 or higher

Push Object

Initial Configuration

The push object is configured using the PBX manager, as described in the ITConnect training here

If opening the PBX-Manager for the "Services AP plugin", the check-flag besides is not shown - it means that your Push object is not connected. Always use the native myApps Windows - client for this check, to exclude the possibility of a visual bug when using the webbrowser-only version - with a "undefined" browser version.

If the flag is there but Push not working, make sure you assigned the Push app to the user you use for test (the value it's case sensitive and should be equal to the "Name" field of the Push Object).

Troubleshoot v13 Push with myApps for Android and iOS 0.jpg

Make sure the mail used for Push is not used by another PBX object.

Once a domain is already registered with an email address, this domain cannot be authenticated with another email address. In this case, you will not receive an email from our push service.

Push looses connected state

  • If the push object was already connected, and for some reason (after a firmware update or network connection problems), the object is not connected anymore, please check that PBX can reach and resolve "" and the innovaphone AG certificate is still in the trust list.
  • In order to redo the config, you need not only to delete the Push object in the PBX manager plugin but also to get the corresponding domain deleted on our push - service. Open a support ticket with the PBX configuration with the standard password and the Email address used to register the push object and ask for the deletion of your PBX-domain.
  • once innovaphone support confirmed the domain/PBX push registration deletion, reconfigure the push object using the PBX manager.

myApps for Android push configuration checks

Troubleshoot v13 Push with myApps for Android and iOS 1.jpg

Open myApps, and check you have a softphone app configured. Then tap on the "burger" menu on the top right, and check your default app is the softphone app.

Scroll down and tap on "More"

  1. Tap on "myApps events" and enable notification on the smartphone for myApps
  2. Tap on "Calling account" and enable myApps as call account
  3. Tap on "Data saver" and enable background data for myApps on the smartphone
  4. Tap on "Overlaying" and enable them on the smartphone

On Huawei devices starting 2020 it might be necessary to clear the cache of the app "HMS Core" in order to make push notifications work.

myApps for iOS push configuration checks

Go through the following steps, to check that in your iPhone, Push is configured correctly.

  1. Open your iOS Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Go to the Notifications (German: Mitteilungen) section
  3. Find the myApps app and make sure notifications are allowed and that LockScreen, Notification Center and Banners are selected as Alerts

For more information on howto enable Push notifications for an iOS-app, see also this Apple support page, section If you don't see notifications for a specific app

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