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Because there are always people who like to destroy a public accessible demo environment, we had to limit the access to our demo system.

innovaphone provides now a demo PBX which will provide you with full administrator access to non-critical objects on the PBX. This is to "play around" with the pbx as an administrator where you can create (non-critical)objects and change them without having the possibility to damage the existing environment by accidentally deleting or changing the critical objects ;-)

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You can access the demo PBX on, user demo, password demo.

This will give you full PBX administrator access to non-critical objects!

You can also have a look in the gateway part of the system.

This is possible with a viewer account which gives you a viewer-only access to the whole system user viewer, password viewer.

PBX Password

The PBX password is demo.


There are sufficient permanent licenses installed on the device to play around.

  • QueueMonitor: 1
  • Recording: 10
  • Reporting: 10
  • SoftwarePhones: 10
  • UC: 10
  • Voicemail: 10
  • Port: 10
  • Operator: 1
  • WebRTC: 10
  • GW Channels: 10

Should you ever need additional licenses, you can ask to turn on test mode via an email request to

They can activate the testmode for a period of 8 hours.

Available PBX Objects

There are some sample PBX objects available:

User objects PBX User One (Name user-1, Number 11) to PBX User Five (Name user-5, Number 15
  • The PBX user password for all of them is demo
  • Each of them has a WebRTC device configured (devices user-1-webrtc to user-5-webrtc)
User object External WebRTC User 
  • has only one WebRTC device called extern-web
Conference object Conference (Number 17
  • has configured the standard innovaphone conference announcements
  • Room number length of 1
  • rooms
    • Room number 1, PIN 0001, audio only
    • Room number 2, PIN 0002, audio and video
    • Room number 3, PIN 0003, audio, video and application sharing
    • operator with Operator number 9, PIN 0009, allowing audio, video and application sharing
Trunk object Trunk (Number 0
however, no real trunk line is registered here. You will be connected to yourself instantly and have a self-talk ;-)
User objects _TAPI_ and SOAP 
they can be used to to monitor users with SOAP or TAPI

Scheduled Reset

The device configuration will be reset to its default state every 2 days. You can thus safely try all kinds of configurations, they will be thrown away eventually anyway.

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