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3rd party input
this is 3rd party content not provided by innovaphone, see history for authors.


Applies To

This solution was implemented and tested using

  • innovaphone Voicemail, Build 60060
  • IPVA with V12r1sr13

More Information

This is a Simple Script to redirect a caller to the voicemail object after having called in a callcenter. The caller gets to choose to give a grade from 1 - 6, which is then saved as textfile.

Please notice that the script, paths and default messages are in German

To change this, please take a look at the Customization section

Configuration prerequisite

A few preconditions are assumed:

  • a Voicemail object vm:3 is existing
  • a User Klaus:123 is existing


  • Place the downloaded script in your CF directory (e.g.: CF0/rufbewertung/*)
  • Setup a Function-Key for Klaus:123 using the Redirect function.
    • Set a Name you desire to show on the phone (if available)
    • Set the Redirect number to 3123 (vm number + Klaus number)
    • Set the checkmark Redirect Active Call to active

With this done, you are basically all set.


To test the script, please proceed through the following route:

  • Start a call to the user Klaus:123
  • After Picking up the call, press the configured Redirect button twice to redirect the caller directly to the voicemail object
  • The caller is now asked to input a grade from 1 - 6.
    • Making a wrong input causes a announcement informing that the input is invalid, asking for a right one.
  • Finishing the first input, the caller is asked to input another grade for the second question.
  • After all questions are answered, a file containing the choices is written.
    • The file can be found at CF0/rufbewertung/bewertungen/<date>/<time>_<local number>-<external number>.txt


Changing the audio

If you want to change the audio, please take a look at the script itself.

I have marked the locations, where the audio is being loaded, explaining what the announcement is stating.

To create announcements for your testing environment, i advise you to check out[1] , creating the corresponding messages and converting them through the Innovaphone Audio Converter[2].

Adding questions to the pool

To add a question, just expand the list of questions in the script.

Here is a generic example, on what it looks like:

<!-- ======== Zweite Ansage ======== -->
<!-- ======== Announcement No. 2 ======== -->
<!-- AUDIO: Ansage der 2. Bewertungskriterien -->
<!-- AUDIO: Announcement of 2nd criteria-->
<store-get root="" name="bewertung_ansage_2.$coder" out-url="$url"/>
<pbx-prompt url="$url" barge-in="false"/>
<call name="DTMFDetect"/>
<!-- =============================== -->

Known Problems

None so far :) If you happen to find any, please let me know in the Discussion


Download the complete file package of scripts and files as described in this article here.

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